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On October 11, 2015, the 2015 Mengtian wooden door press conference was grandly held in the Beijing Conference Center

on October 11, 2015, the 2015 Mengtian wooden door press conference was grandly held in the Beijing Conference Center

Mr. zhangguolin, chairman of the wooden door and window special committee of China wood and wood products Circulation Association, Mr. zhangzhankuan, chairman of the wooden door special committee of China Forest Products Industry Association, Mr. Zhang renjiang, executive secretary of the door special committee of the furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, Ms. Red Star Macalline and other guests were invited to attend the press conference

from July 1, the Mengtian wooden door advertisement endorsed by Mr. Andy Lau was officially broadcast on CCTV during prime time, and soon became a hot event inside and outside the industry. It's not uncommon for enterprises to invite stars to endorse, but Mengtian will undoubtedly raise the brand image to a new height by inviting such King level stars as Andy Lau

Mr. Andy Lau attended the press conference of Mengtian wooden door

at the press conference. Witnessed by many guests and media, Mr. Andy Lau made a domineering debut from the "gate of kings", which pushed the atmosphere to a climax! As a famous man in the entertainment industry, Andy Lau also shared his home furnishing concept. Yu Jingyuan, chairman of Mengtian wooden door, also said: "thank you very much for Mr. Andy Lau's image ambassador of Mengtian. I believe that Mengtian's brand will be more popular with Mr. Andy Lau's personality charm!" Mengtian wooden door successfully joined hands with Mr. Andy Lau, the king of heaven. We will make Mengtian serve more families through a comprehensive marketing model

while Mengtian continues to grow, it also does not forget its social responsibilities. At the press conference, a charity donation ceremony of "caring for leukemia patients" was held. Mr. Andy Lau and Mr. Yu Jingyuan, chairman of Mengtian Mumen, sent 100000 yuan of charity money to the hands of donors. The father of the donated leukemia patient is an ordinary employee of Mengtian enterprise, and Mengtian's "family culture" is vividly reflected

as a well-known love ambassador to the public, Mr. Andy Lau has established the Andy Lau charity foundation to support public welfare undertakings in the early 1990s, and has been using his own practical actions to continuously adhere to the transmission of social positive energy. He hopes that through his public influence, he can call on more people to participate in public welfare undertakings

the match made in heaven

"King level superstar Idol" is the impression Andy Lau left to the public. Since the 1980s, Andy Lau, who has made his debut for more than 30 years, has had a wide range of influence in Asia and even the world with his outstanding strength and extraordinary efforts. For decades, the image has stood firm. The representatives of the development of film, television and song have won countless awards, and the classic screen images and popular golden songs are countless. Andy Lau's mature, stable, atmospheric and gentlemanly temperament is consistent with Mengtian's high-end, noble and quality products. His dedicated, dedicated and diligent model worker image is well-known in the entertainment industry

Mengtian wooden door, founded in 1989, is a wooden door enterprise established in early China. In the development process of the wooden door industry in recent decades, it can be said that the waves wash the sand, and there are only a few wooden door enterprises that can remain invincible in the market competition for a long time

since its development, Mengtian wooden door has focused on the R & D, production and sales of high-end wooden doors. With novel product design, strict quality control, accurate market positioning and advanced marketing management, it has more than 1000 franchised stores in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country

Mr. Yu Jingyuan, chairman of Mengtian wooden door, once said: in the past 26 years, I have led Mengtian people to do only one thing -- concentrate on every door

the connotation and spirit of the two are highly consistent, which can be described as a perfect "match made in heaven"

altogether open the future

Mengtian wooden door has upgraded its brand strategy since 2013, and has successfully achieved magnificent butterfly changes. Mengtian made frequent moves in marketing team, advertising, channel construction and other aspects: in the same year, Mengtian made a heavy attack and invested 147million yuan in CCTV; The comprehensive and three-dimensional brand publicity covers all major transportation trunk lines, key areas, high-speed railways, airports and outdoor anti-aircraft guns across the country. In 2014, it appeared in Times Square in New York to show the quality of the country and promote the "Chinese wooden door" to the world stage. At the beginning of 2015, the column titled "financial lang'an", an in-depth financial review, radiated to high-income and highly educated people

this time, Mr. Andy Lau will be another milestone in the development history of Mengtian. With the popularity and influence of Mr. Andy Lau, the high-end brand image of Mengtian wooden door will go deep into thousands of households and be accepted and recognized by the majority of consumers. Owning a wooden door of Mengtian is a symbol of identity and the pursuit of nobility. It exudes a kind of elegance from the inside out and brings a higher grade of life

a match made in heaven will enlighten the future! Mengtian will continue to lead the market with outstanding design and exquisite technology, and will bring better products and services to consumers




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