What is the process of toilet decoration

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The area of the bathroom is generally 3 to 4 square meters, which is very small, but the things that need to be loaded include basins, toilets, showers, bathroom cabinets, etc. in order to ensure the orderly progress of the project and not appear messy, it is necessary to carry out the construction according to the process. Then what are the steps of the bathroom decoration process? Let's follow the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network to have a look

I. design and planning

the bathroom has a small area and many things. Before construction, it is necessary to design the size and installation position of washbasins, water heaters, showers and other things, design the water circuit, and draw the design plan

II. Water and electricity transformation

according to the designed plan, transform the water and electricity in the bathroom, lay water and electricity lines and pipelines, warm pipelines, etc., and clean the ground after completion

III. waterproof construction

carry out waterproof construction on the floor and wall of the bathroom. The waterproof layer should be applied evenly, with a thickness of at least 1.5mm, and the dead corners must be handled in place, The height of the wall waterproof layer should be at least 20 cm higher than the water area, especially the wall surface that can be sprayed by the shower equipment

IV. closed water test

after the waterproof is completed, the waterproof layer is completely dry, and then the closed water test is carried out to ensure the waterproof construction effect

v. floor tiles and wall tiles

after the closed water test is completed, dry them for 5-7 days, and then make a layer of cement mortar on the waterproof coating. After the cement mortar protective layer is dry, the floor tiles can be pasted. The ground should have enough inclination towards the floor drain to facilitate drainage. The tiles on the ground should be anti-skid and waterproof, and the wall tiles should not absorb water, otherwise there will be color difference. The color of tile caulking agent should be better than others, not too light or too dark. After the wall and floor tiles are pasted, the normal decoration on the ground can be carried out.

VI. install the washbasin

the installation height and size of the washbasin must be moderate. The cold and hot water of the basin is 50cm away from the ground, and the distance between cold and hot water is 10-15cm

VII. Install the water heater

the best installation position of the water heater is the load-bearing wall. It is best to leave enough space between the two ends of the water heater and the wall for maintenance. If there is a bathtub, the volume of the water heater should match the volume of the bathtub by more than or equal to 2:3

VIII. Toilet installation

when buying a toilet, you should consider whether to choose the front or rear drainage, the distance between the toilet drain hole and the wall, and the thickness of the wall brick. The flushing effect of the toilet is better. It is necessary to save water and have low noise.

IX. other installations

complete the installation of lights, mirrors, and other objects.

the above is the decoration process and steps of the bathroom. When decorating the bathroom, the installation of sanitary ware should be firm, the pipe interface should be tight, and the finished products such as basins should be protected

bathroom decoration is a complex process. In order to ensure the quality of decoration, it is important to select a good decoration company. If your home is about to be decorated and you want to get the decoration quotation of the house, then hurry up





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