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List of risk factors and preventive measures at the construction site of the expansion of the underground pumping station

1. There are live gangues on the top, and there is no knocking on the top, resulting in falling injury

preventive measures: when entering the operation site, first observe whether there are live gangue and dangerous rocks on the roof, strictly implement the system of knocking on the side and asking for the roof, and find out the live gangue and dangerous rocks before operation

2. The single column is not intact when it is used, resulting in collapse and injury

preventive measures: carefully check the integrity of the single column when using it. When using it, the single column must be fastened with an anti falling rope, checked regularly, and handled in time in case of any abnormality

3. Personnel are scratched by the upper blade when walking

preventive measures: do not lean too close to the upper when walking. If the exposed piece is easy to scratch people, it shall be disposed of in time

4. Shovel, air pick and hand pick are not installed firmly, resulting in tool falling off and hurting people

preventive measures: check the integrity of the tools before each shift, and put the tools gently to prevent people from being injured by bouncing after landing

5. During the construction of impact test shed under normal temperature, the workbench was not set up firmly, resulting in personnel falling and injuring during high-altitude operation

preventive measures: when setting up the workbench, the screws must be tightened. The thickness of the wood plate should be greater than 50mm and the width should not be less than 200mm. The overlap between the wood plate and the steel pipe must be bound firmly with iron wire

6. The personnel used uneven force when lifting the shed, and the poor cooperation resulted in injury

preventive measures: when lifting the shed, the personnel shall cooperate well and the actions shall be coordinated

7. No advance support was provided, resulting in roof falling and personal injury

preventive measures: before construction, the roof within 5m in front of the construction must be supported with single column, and the front detection beam must be used when erecting the shed

8. In case of roof falling, personnel shall stand under the roof falling to deal with the roof falling, resulting in accidents

preventive measures: in case of roof fall, personnel shall properly handle it as required, and shall not blindly stand in the roof fall area and lower it down for treatment

9. The back iron back plate was not constructed as required, resulting in inconsistent spacing, which affected the project quality

preventive measures: carry out construction in strict accordance with the standard when backing the iron back plate

10. When using air pick, air rock drill and air wrench, the air rope joint did not use a special U-card, resulting in rope falling and injury during use

preventive measures: when using pneumatic pick, pneumatic rock drill and pneumatic wrench, the wind rope joint must use a special U-card, and the team leader is responsible for inspection

11. The pre tightening torque of anchor rod fails to meet the requirements, resulting in unqualified project quality and accidents

preventive measures: the construction site shall be equipped with complete torque wrenches. If the pre tightening torque does not meet the standard requirements, it shall be reinforced in time

12. The number of iron backboards is not enough, and the pieces are not overlapped enough, resulting in the falling of broken gangues and other injuries

preventive measures: the lap length of each piece shall not be less than 100mm, and the spacing between connecting wires shall not be greater than 200mm. The connection must be made with the specified wire

13. When it is necessary to stop shotcreting for some reason, the operation sequence is wrong, resulting in damage or injury to the shotcreting machine

preventive measures: when stopping the shotcreting machine, first stop feeding, then stop water, and finally stop air

14. During shotcreting, the construction personnel did not wear dust masks for a long time, resulting in pneumoconiosis

preventive measures: wear dust masks, towels and other labor protection articles during spraying

15. In the process of spraying, the nozzle may cause injury to people

preventive measures: during shotcreting, the shotcreting assistant shall stand behind the shotcreting operator; It is strictly forbidden to hold the spray nozzle by hand

II. Electromechanical transportation

1. Cable protection is not in place, and cable damage during construction leads to explosion loss

preventive measures: during construction, the cable must be protected in place. After landing, the old belt or half of the old pipe shall be used to cover it tightly

2. When the winch is running, personnel stay in the downhill of the track, resulting in an accident

preventive measures: when the winch is running, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to stay in the downhill of the track, and they should escape to the pumping station in time

3. When the tramcar stopped at the entrance of the pumping station for unloading and loading, it did not use the car stopper, resulting in an accident

preventive measures: a temporary car stopper must be used when the tramcar stops at the entrance of the pumping and discharging pump station for unloading and loading

4. The connection at the cable joint of the shotcreting machine is not standard, and the explosion loss leads to the accident

preventive measures: electricians shall connect wires in strict accordance with the regulations to prevent explosion loss

5. Without power failure and locking, personnel were injured when they put their bodies into the feeding mouth of the shotcrete machine to deal with the blockage

the test report can be designed and exported to excel by yourself.

preventive measures: Live working is strictly prohibited; When dealing with nozzle blockage, the power must be cut off and the air must be stopped. No one is allowed to stand in front of the nozzle to prevent sudden spray injury

III. one ventilation and three prevention

1. The construction site is not equipped with dust-proof water curtain, resulting in excessive rock dust

preventive measures: install a dust-proof water curtain at the construction site and within 10m below the shotcreting machine. There shall be no floating dust with a continuous length of more than 5m and a thickness of more than 2mm in the roadway. When there is dust in the roadway, it must be flushed in time

2. Portable methane meter is not hung at the construction site, and there is no warning when the gas exceeds the limit, resulting in casualties due to gas accidents

preventive measures: the distance from the hanging position to the top plate shall not be greater than 300mm, and the distance from the upper wall shall not be less than 200mm, and the alarm value shall be adjusted according to the regulations; No construction without hanging

3. No compressed air is installed at the construction site for self rescue, resulting in casualties

preventive measures: a group of compressed air for self rescue must be installed at the construction site, and its integrity must be maintained

IV. others

1. During construction, personnel do not wear complete labor protection articles

preventive measures: towels, self rescuers and other labor protection articles must be worn completely; The helmet belt must be fastened when wearing the helmet to prevent head bumping or being injured by the live gangue on the roof of the comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technical transformation

2. In case of an emergency, the personnel cannot evacuate to a safe place in time, resulting in casualties

preventive measures: it is strictly forbidden to sleep on the post underground. The shift leader shall strictly inspect the sleeping personnel and report them to the mine for treatment; Strengthen the teaching on the danger of sleeping on duty at the pre shift meeting

3. The back road of the construction site is blocked, resulting in congestion, falling and slipping during personnel withdrawal

preventive measures: the rear road shall be unblocked within 20m without sundries

4. The mental state of personnel during construction is poor, resulting in accidents during construction

preventive measures: personnel found to be in poor mental state during the pre shift meeting shall not be allowed to go down the well

5. The old cut pieces and iron wires were not recovered in time, resulting in foot binding and injury

preventive measures: the old cut pieces, iron wires, etc. shall be recovered in time and raised to the well, and civilized construction on site shall be done well

Low noise

6. When removing the air and water pipeline, the pressure was not relieved in advance, resulting in injury caused by the high-pressure pipe

preventive measures: before disassembling the air and water pipeline, the pressure must be relieved first

7. During construction around the pump, the construction personnel were accidentally injured by the pump

preventive measures: personnel must be more careful when working around the pump, and be careful not to touch the pump when moving

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