Liu Gong sounded the horn of struggle in spring

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Strike all the way! Liu Gong sounded the horn of struggle in spring, and worked hard to enter the golden bull's dream, and started a new journey

the whole line on the third day of the new year is beneficial to improving the company's R & D strength of new materials in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power and other fields. Since the commencement of the project,

the residual temperature of the Spring Festival continues,

the welding flowers fly in Liugong's welding, transmission and assembly workshops,

the roar of machines rises and falls one after another,

intelligent robots operate at full load,

the work at all stations is tense and orderly

a battle for spring has begun

make a strong start in the first season

Liugong's excavators and road machinery are busy handing over machines.

loaders are receiving orders one after another.

small equipment is in short supply.

Liugong's people are full of spirit and high enthusiasm for work.

they are brave and brave to fight hard and ring a new drum for the year of the ox

with high morale, go all out to fight for high production and ensure delivery,

seize the day, pay close attention to the pulse of market development,

check at all levels, strictly control the quality and service research,

develop the ox events in the ox year with high quality

Liugong's leading product, we dial hydraulic universal testing machine, is full of bull spirit. It adheres to it day and night and keeps walking.

carry forward the spirit of "three cows" and fight for 2021

grasp the best time of the spring

from today on,

do not wait, do not hesitate,

do not admit defeat, do not give up the Research Institute will be an important market docking point for China Steel Research in Dongguan and even South China

the journey is long, only struggle,

we, come on

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