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"Ling Ting Mitsubishi Electric" Himalayan FM officially launched

the ubiquitous network, the application of the interaction of all things, and more and more intelligent machines have made our clothing, food, housing and transportation more convenient and more safe and efficient. Mitsubishi Electric continues to expand the application fields of leading technologies such as control technology, edge computing and AI Artificial Intelligence, and makes unremitting efforts to create a better life

the official brand radio station of Mitsubishi Electric started broadcasting in Himalaya FM. It aims to capture the hot spots of life and analyze the interesting scientific and technological stories. In each issue, it invites Lingjia engineers who are familiar with the application to decrypt the black technology behind life

the lifting belt degree of the experimental machine is (100 ± 10) mm/sin Connect the brush head to the gripper under the experimental machine through the brush head fixture.

Mitsubishi Electric will update it at 17:00 every Friday. See you

Ling Ji Yi 3 Motor (MP ⑵) AI (7) 13550 watts, 3-phase 380 volts, 50 Hz, 1400 RPM/phased single head action, the world is very different

robot turns into a courier brother, ar/vr follows glasses into the cinema, and AI learns to write about the collision between technology and life, which is so interesting! The column "we have a big guy" will explore another side of your life that is interesting and informative

this problem, this problem, is too difficult. Besides! "This problem is too difficult" is exclusively broadcast by Mitsubishi Electric of changes for the better! In the first episode of the program, we will track the problems of hotel health and safety that are widely concerned by the public. The wise and broad-minded teacher Ling will introduce the cleaning method of hotel linen, and will also reveal the secret of Mitsubishi Electric to improve the cleanliness and cleaning efficiency of the impact tester of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. under the conventional manual pendulum impact tester

appreciate the wonders of science and technology and create a better life

Mitsubishi Electric has open topics: intelligent parking system, new energy vehicle battery production, strict food processing, intelligent upgrading of textile machinery There is also a big brain opening solution: Mitsubishi Electric e- F@ctory Create more conveniences for food, clothing, housing and transportation, and provide better choices for green development

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