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Exposure! Several interior wall coatings are unqualified! (list attached)

exposure! Several interior wall coatings are unqualified! (he also added that the company will also discuss the list of development blueprints after 2015 at the investor conference)

January 27, 2021

Jiangsu Yangzhou Market Supervision Bureau entrusted Yangzhou product quality supervision and Inspection Institute to carry out quality supervision and spot check on common household decoration products - interior wall coating products, and reported the results

I. notification of spot check results

the samples of interior wall coatings sampled this time are from intelligent, convenient enterprises, physical stores and e-commerce platforms. A total of 25 batches were sampled, and 22 batches were qualified. The qualified rate of supervision and spot check was 88%. Among them, 5 batches are sampled by the manufacturer, 5 batches are qualified, and the qualification rate is 100%; Over the past 210 years, 15 batches of physical stores have been sampled to provide protection for military and police forces all over the world, and 14 batches are qualified, with a qualified rate of 93%; Five batches were sampled from the e-commerce platform, and three batches were qualified, with a qualification rate of 60%. The unqualified items are low temperature stability items

the unqualified products are:

the "new era advanced emulsion paint" produced by Shanghai Youkang paint Co., Ltd., and the sales unit is "Jiangdu gaoshilan decorative materials business department". The unqualified item is "low temperature stability"

the "interior wall emulsion paint" produced by Shanghai Fuyan paint Co., Ltd. is sold by "Lecai household factory store". The unqualified item is "low temperature stability"

the "advanced interior wall emulsion paint" produced by Shanghai Huijun Industry Co., Ltd. (confirmed by e-commerce) is sold by "JC paint direct supply factory". The unqualified item is "low temperature stability"

II. Analysis of unqualified quality and price

25 batches of samples were sampled (purchased) according to the price range, and the paint products were compared according to the converted price per kilogram. The comparison is divided into two sections. See the table below for the qualification rate

see the table below for the qualified rate according to the sample source

the statistical results show that the unit prices of the three batches of unqualified products are all within the range of < 10 yuan/kg. One of the three unqualified products comes from physical stores and two from e-commerce platforms. It shows that in most cases, the price can reflect the quality of products, and the qualification rate of e-commerce platform products is the lowest among the three sources. It can be seen that although the price of the purchased products has advantages, the quality of the products is not as good as that of the physical stores, so it is necessary to be cautious when purchasing coatings

photos of unqualified low-temperature stability items

the main reasons for unqualified low-temperature stability are: poor process formula, insufficient antifreeze and excessive film-forming additives. Pure acrylic lotion, acetic acrylic lotion, styrene acrylic lotion, styrene butadiene lotion, VAE lotion, acetic acrylic lotion, etc. which are not frequently used for low temperature stability are qualified. When the temperature is low, the product quality will be reduced and the construction quality will be affected

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