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How should enterprises regain confidence in the bleak market of agricultural machinery industry? Listen to the suggestions of a big man

how can enterprises regain confidence in the bleak market of agricultural machinery industry? Since 2004, with the continuous pull of the national subsidy policy, China's agricultural mechanization has entered the rapid development track of the "golden decade", the trading volume of agricultural machinery has shown a blowout growth, and various agricultural machinery production enterprises have sprung up. The overall industry has gone from the original big powers to a hundred schools of thought, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. However, in recent years, the overall demand of the agricultural machinery market has continued to decline, and the whole agricultural machinery industry is "full of sorrows". The market has changed from the incremental market of "poverty and poverty" to the stock market of "full pots and full bowls", and the market situation of the industry has taken a sharp turn for the worse

under such a difficult background of the agricultural machinery market, how can agricultural machinery enterprises win the adverse force brought by negative factors? How to find the right combination of survival and development, hold your position in the cruel competition and achieve rapid development? It is the focus of agricultural machinery enterprises

the agricultural machinery market continues to decline. Let's see how well-known enterprises view it.

under the new normal of China's economic development, the low-speed growth and demand change of the agricultural machinery market in 2018 are the main keynote; At the same time, policy creates opportunities and market competition intensifies, which is the basic consensus of well-known agricultural machinery enterprises

at present, the agricultural machinery industry market is bleak. According to the analysis of the industry development situation and market change trend in recent years, Yituo shares, China's agricultural machinery industry has changed from high-speed development to a new normal of deepening structural adjustment and optimizing industrial upgrading, and user demand and competitive factors are undergoing profound changes

as a leading enterprise in China's agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, Zoomlion believes that the level of domestic agricultural mechanization in the whole process will be further improved, which will drive the continuous improvement of the scale of the agricultural machinery industry, and the future development of the agricultural machinery industry will still be good in an all-round way. In addition, with the continuous adjustment and improvement of the agricultural machinery subsidy policy, the agricultural machinery subsidy fund will focus on large-scale agricultural subjects such as rural cooperatives and medium - and high-end, green and intelligent products. Leading enterprises with advantages in brand, technology, scale and service will usher in development opportunities

Xingguang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is a listed agricultural machinery enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. Facing the declining situation of the agricultural machinery market, Xingguang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. believes that the overall demand of China's agricultural machinery market still exists, the green development of agricultural machinery has become an inevitable trend, and China's agricultural machinery industry still has good development prospects. The subsidy policy is still positively oriented and will continue to drive the development of agricultural machinery industry in 2018. The agricultural machinery market with screw drive and rack drive will continue to develop steadily, and will change from speed type to quality type

Jifeng agricultural machinery believes that the "13th five year plan" period is a critical period for the transformation of China's traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. It is also a period of strategic opportunity for agricultural mechanization to achieve great success. It is also a window period for the structural reform of the supply side of agricultural machinery to "tackle difficulties, expand and upgrade", improve the use efficiency of agricultural machinery and equipment, accelerate the whole process and all-round development of agricultural machinery, and transform and upgrade agricultural mechanization to high quality and efficiency, China's agricultural machinery industry still has good prospects for development

these companies have their own unique skills in their operation and management, policy analysis, market judgment, technological innovation and marketing mode. Under the current market conditions, it is of great practical significance to actively learn from the operating experience of well-known companies in the agricultural machinery industry and learn from the strategies of pioneers in the agricultural machinery industry to deal with difficulties

in order to comply with the market development trend, promote the development of high-end agricultural equipment industry, and further strengthen domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, the fifth high-end Agricultural Equipment Innovation Summit Forum will be held in Shanghai, China on September, 2018. AMS 2018 will invite many top enterprises in the agricultural machinery industry to discuss with you the latest trends and market changes in the agricultural machinery industry, and share the way of enterprise management

as the top exchange feast in the agricultural machinery industry, AMS 2018 high end agricultural equipment forum has attracted the participation of more than 20 well-known enterprises in the agricultural machinery industry, including Shandong Wuzheng group, Foton LOVOL International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Leiken agricultural machinery (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., China agriculture group agricultural equipment Co., Ltd., Hebei Agricultural ha ha Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Wade Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd Hunan Nongfu electromechanical Co., Ltd. and other well-known enterprises have successively confirmed low-frequency fatigue control seats

ams high end agricultural equipment forum has been successfully held for four times and has been highly praised by professionals in the industry. AMS 2018 5th high end Agricultural Equipment Innovation Summit Forum will bring together 400+ representatives of government agricultural machinery management departments, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, agricultural machinery research and design units, agricultural financial investment institutions, agricultural industry media, farmers, parts sales enterprises, domestic and foreign agricultural machinery host enterprises, agricultural machinery parts enterprises and other industries to discuss current high-end agricultural hot topics and the latest technical solutions. In addition to the high-end dialogue of the forum, AMS 2018 also has easy and efficient links such as technical achievement exhibition area, VIP private meeting, boutique tea break, wonderful business card express, etc., which will take you to appreciate the top annual event in the high-end agricultural equipment industry

ams 2018 5th high end Agricultural Equipment Innovation Summit Forum sincerely invites industry figures to gather in Shanghai to jointly promote the development of China's high-end agricultural equipment industry

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