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The list of top 50 medical device enterprises in 2018 has been released. Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare, etc. are listed in the list of top 100 global medical device companies in 2018. Recently, m Medical Electronics Conference: Miss Xiang Yingying, Miss Chai Zhangfan +86 21 - 155, 502 medical design outsourcing stations released the list of top 100 global medical device companies in 2018. Compared with the past, the 2018 list reflects the consolidation of the industry in the past year. Among them, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Fresenius, Royal Philips and GE Healthcare occupy the top 5 on the list

Medtronic Revenue: US $29.953 billion

not long ago, Medtronic acquired mazor robotics, an Israeli spine surgery company, and announced the launch of mazor x stealth robotics in the United States. It is reported that mazor x stealth robot can provide planning, workflow, program execution and confirmation functions, so as to accurately imitate instruments and tools in spinal surgery

mazor x stealth robot system combines the stealth software of Medtronic with mazor's existing robot technology. Through interactive 3D planning and information system, Gerry Boyce, managing director of the company, expressed that 173 plywood can be used for real-time image guidance, visualization and navigation, providing predictability and flexibility of workflow

Johnson & Johnson's revenue: US $26.592 billion

Johnson & Johnson is continuously increasing its investment in the field of medical equipment. According to foreign media reports, Johnson & Johnson will purchase auris, a surgical robot company, for a cash consideration of US $3.4 billion, which will also be the second attack in this field by Jianqiang monk after one year's acquisition of orthotaxy, a surgical software robot technology development company

it is reported that in the past two years, Johnson & Johnson has reshuffled its medical device sector, sold its original diagnosis and diabetes business, and shifted its focus to orthopaedics, Al robots and other directions

Fresenius' revenue is US $2095 billion

Fresenius always implements the brand concept of "lifelong commitment", adheres to the purpose of "high quality and customer-centric", and pays attention to the growth of the enterprise, the continuous improvement of products and the optimization of customer experience. In order to continuously improve products and services, Fresenius is committed to aggregating global resources and continuously investing a large amount of R & D expenses

Fresenius pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, and strives to provide patients with safer, higher quality and more targeted treatment solutions when using decojet film through every smiling technological innovation, so as to create a more quality patient life and create value for customers

Royal Philips has a revenue of US $2091 million

Royal Philips of the Netherlands is a health technology company, which is committed to improving people's health and medical effects in the whole process of health care from healthy lifestyle and disease prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care. With advanced technology, rich clinical experience and profound consumer insight, Philips will continue to launch integrated and innovative solutions. At present, the company is in a leading position in the fields of diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring, health informatization, consumer health and home care

ge medical revenue is US $19.116 billion

ge medical business scope includes medical imaging (including contrast agents), patient monitoring and diagnosis, biopharmaceutical technology and cell therapy technology, and fully integrates advanced technologies such as deep digitization, artificial intelligence and data analysis. GE Healthcare's products and services benefit customers in 140 countries and regions around the world

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