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Summary of personnel changes of top ten "auto enterprise executives" in 2017

Abstract: 2017 is drawing to a close. Dongdong has carefully selected the top ten heavy personnel changes from the personnel changes of many auto enterprises, including some classic cases, which are also a microcosm of the personnel changes in the auto industry in 2017

2017 is drawing to a close. Dongdong has carefully selected ten major personnel changes from the personnel changes of many automobile enterprises, including some classic cases, which are also a microcosm of the personnel changes in the automotive industry in 2017

01. Shen Feng, President of Volvo China R & D company, joined Weilai automobile as vice president of quality.

according to the internal information of Weilai automobile, Dr. Shenfeng, the former global CTO and President of China of Volvo cars' high-performance brand polar, and President of Volvo China R & D company, has joined Weilai automobile, serving as the vice president of quality and the chairman of the quality management committee of Weilai automobile, responsible for the overall management related to quality, and reported to Li Bin, President of Weilai automobile

es8 after its listing, the automotive industry has almost made a 360 degree analysis of Weilai automobile. Naturally, the related product quality control is also an issue that has been paid close attention to and repeatedly discussed by major media and industry insiders. There is no doubt that Shen Feng's joining has further dispelled the doubts of the industry in this regard. First of all, with the addition of this person who has rich experience in automobile R & D and product operation, welai's vehicle quality will be further guaranteed; Secondly, both the importance that Weilai attaches to product quality and the acceptance and affirmation of Weilai by the insiders represented by Shen Feng have obviously doubled the industry's favor for Weilai

comments: "with the addition of this person who has rich experience in automobile R & D and product operation, Weilai's vehicle quality will be further guaranteed."

02. Li Feng, President of BAIC New Technology Research Institute, left to join Weilai capital

after wuxuebin, President of BAIC Research Institute, joined Baidu, another "general" of BAIC group left

on December 13, it was reported that Li Feng, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee of BAIC group and President of the New Technology Research Institute of BAIC group, was about to bid farewell to BAIC group, which had worked for many years, and join Weilai capital. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of BAIC group told that Li Feng's resignation was true. At the same time, it was learned from insiders of Weilai capital that Li Feng would be the partner of Weilai capital

niocapital is a private equity fund jointly sponsored by Weilai automobile, Sequoia Capital and Hillhouse capital, with a target scale of 10billion yuan. As a brand-new automobile brand, Weilai has successfully attracted many people from traditional automobile enterprises, including Zhujiang and zhengxiancong. Since the launch of the brand in november2016, Weilai automobile has publicly unveiled ep9, Eve and es8, three of which are electromechanical models controlled by analog signals. The first mass production vehicle, es8, will be officially launched on the 16th of this month

comments: "as Li Feng has rich practice and successful experience in R & D, marketing, manufacturing, corporate governance, etc., he is a rare comprehensive talent in the automotive industry at present, and his joining is undoubtedly a great benefit to Weilai capital."

03. The new force of car making Chinese express established LETV's former senior executive dinglei as chairman of the board of directors

chenweixu, chief operating officer of Chinese express technology company (left), dinglei, chairman of Chinese express technology company (middle), Murphy, President of Chinese express technology company (right)

recently, the mysterious Chinese express has finally untied its veil. On December 12, the east coast fund and Yancheng Municipal government reached a strategic cooperation, and the Chinese express technology company (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese express"), a new power car manufacturing enterprise under this strategy, officially announced its establishment and operation on that day

Chinese express was established by the east coast fund in cooperation with Jiangsu Yueda group and AoXin New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yancheng SDIC. Dinglei, chairman of East Coast fund, will be the chairman of Chinese express technology company; Murphy as president; Chenweixu was appointed chief operating officer of type I or type II samples

as a traditional Autobot, Ding Lei once served as the vice president of SAIC Group and the general manager of SAIC general motors. Later, he organized and arranged to work in politics and served as the deputy district head of Pudong New Area, Shanghai. In 2015, Ding Lei joined the new forces to build LETV automobile. In June this year, East Coast (Shanghai) Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., jointly funded by dinglei and Shanghai Fengshi Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., was established, with dinglei as the chairman

comments: "Autobots are Autobots after all, and they will not be reconciled until their mission is reached."

04. SAIC personnel regeneration change! On the afternoon of November 23, the news about the resignation of chengjinglei, the chief engineer of SAIC Group, spread in the upper class. Some media confirmed that chengjinglei, chief engineer of SAIC Group, had left SAIC a few days ago, becoming the third SAIC executive to leave after the departure of zhanghailiang, vice president of SAIC Group, and Gu Feng, CFO

it is reported that after Chen Hong was promoted to the chairman of SAIC Group in August 2014, a large number of leading groups were formed. At that time, SAIC Group announced that Wang Xiaoqiu, former general manager of Shanghai GM, zhanghailiang, former general manager of Shanghai Volkswagen, Shenyang, general manager of SAIC GM Wuling, and LAN Qingsong, former general manager of SAIC Maxus, were promoted to vice president of SAIC Group. At that time, Cheng Jinglei, who was the deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd., was also appointed as the chief engineer of SAIC Group in this cabinet formation. His position is equivalent to that of the group's vice president. This is the first time that SAIC has reappointed the vice president of technology since the former vice president of technology wangdazhong resigned in 2008

Chen Hong, the chairman of SAIC Group, hopes to make SAIC bigger and stronger. For this reason, he will focus on the development of SAIC Group's own brands. As the group's chief engineer, Cheng Jinglei is mainly responsible for the technical management of SAIC's own brand. He can be said to be the general strategist and planner of SAIC's technological victory

comments: "the departure of Cheng Jinglei may put SAIC's own brand business to a certain test."

05. Lesv Global CEO zhanghailiang is going to work alone! As chairman and CEO of Beijing Dianjia, recently, the surging new energy vehicle building has once again weighed heavily. According to reliable sources, zhanghailiang, vice chairman of LETV, who has been accompanied by rumors of resignation, will officially take charge of e-cafe as chairman and CEO

zhanghailiang once served as vice president of SAIC Group, general manager of SAIC Volkswagen, general manager of SAIC Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd., and led SAIC Volkswagen to become the sales champion of domestic automobile enterprises. He has rich experience in the automotive industry. In April, 2016, he joined LETV automobile and served as president and COO of LETV supercar (China). On march20,2017, zhanghailiang was promoted to the Global CEO of Lesee

20 years of refining and accumulation in his career have enabled zhanghailiang, a heavyweight in China's automotive industry, to have rich experience and outstanding achievements in traditional automotive industry chains such as automobile sales, service trade, supply chain, technology research and development, production and manufacturing, as well as advanced interconnection thinking and operation in emerging fields such as new energy vehicles, car couplets, e-commerce, automobile sharing and charging. It has been commented that Zhang Hailiang's taking over of the e-cafe to some extent has added a decisive new force to the confusing Internet car making camp

according to reliable information, after zhanghailiang took charge of Beijing e-cafe, in addition to Xiang Dongping, the former executive vice president of Volvo China, which was revealed last week, Niu Shengfu, the former CTO of LETV, will also join Beijing e-cafe. It can be predicted that under the leadership of zhanghailiang, Dianjia automobile will gather more energy and possibilities, making it a powerful promoter of the future pattern of new energy vehicles

comments: "apart from promising the future market prospect of new energy vehicles, Zhang Hailiang chose to take charge of Beijing electric coffee, which is another challenge to his career."

On August 29, UC co-founder hexiaopeng announced that he had officially joined Xiaopeng automobile, an Internet car startup, and served as the chairman of Xiaopeng automobile

on August 22, hexiaopeng, President of the new mobile business group and UC of Alibaba entertainment group, sent a microblog saying that he would leave UC. In addition, next, we will focus all our energy on the Internet automobile enterprise "Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automobile Technology Co., Ltd." to replace Xiaheng, the co-founder of Xiaopeng automobile, as the CEO

Xiaopeng automobile was founded in 2014 by hexiaopeng, President of UC, lixueling and Fu Sheng, cheetah. It is a new energy connected automobile enterprise. At the beginning of its establishment, it obtained millions of dollars of investment from senior executives of Internet companies such as hexiaopeng and lixueling; In march2016, Xiaopeng automobile completed round a financing. On June 22, Xiaopeng automobile obtained another round a strategic investment of 2.2 billion yuan led by Shenzhou Youche

comments: "Xiaopeng automobile chose hexiaopeng, a person with a deep internet background, as its chairman. Naturally, it also hopes to strengthen its Internet gene. However, it is not known whether it is intentional or coincidental to choose hexiaopeng, a person with the same name as Xiaopeng automobile, as its chairman."

On August 2, FAW Group issued an official announcement confirming the exchange of positions between Xu Liuping, chairman of Changan Automobile and Xu Ping, chairman of FAW Group

the original text of the announcement is as follows:

on the morning of August 2, 2017, China First Automobile Group Corporation held a meeting of middle-level and above managers. Comrade gaoxuanzi, deputy director of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, announced the decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the major leadership changes of China FAW Group Corporation: Comrade xuliuping was appointed chairman and party secretary of China FAW Group Corporation and removed from his post as director, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of China National Ordnance Equipment Corporation; Xu Ping was appointed chairman of the board of directors and Secretary of the leading Party group of China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation, and was relieved of his posts as chairman of the board of directors and Secretary of the Party committee of China First Automobile Group Corporation. The appointment and removal of the above positions shall be handled in accordance with relevant laws and articles of association

China FAW Group Corporation

August 2, 2017

for FAW and Chang'an Automobile, which belong to the same four major automobile groups in China, the exchange of leaders is of great significance, especially for FAW. FAW is the "eldest son of the Republic", but its performance in the independent performance sector (wuyongsheng) has been unsatisfactory for many years. FAW sedan lost 950million yuan in 2016. Although it has cooperative relations with a number of foreign automobile brands, FAW has not significantly improved its core technology and manufacturing level. As a "national car", the Red Flag brand has spent tens of billions but still failed to build a car recognized by consumers. The "anti-corruption storm" that has lasted for several years has left FAW Group full of holes. Xu Ping, who has just confirmed his transfer from FAW, was transferred to FAW Group just two years ago from Dongfeng Motor, which has worked for more than 30 years. However, Xu Ping is 60 years old and is about to retire. It is difficult to carry out drastic reform. His leadership work in FAW for two years is more of a transition. However, under Xu Ping's leadership, FAW's independent business has improved, First half of 2017

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