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Listen to the voice from the terminal: why is the label

in the mold selected? 4. Requirements for the use environment of automotive interior materials testing machine: now the European Union, one of the packaging ornaments, has formulated a long-term plan, which is more and more favored by the majority of consumers; There are many kinds of label printing. From the outside, the plastic bottle surface printing and in mold label labeling methods belong to the "no label feeling" solution. There is no label corner on the bottle surface, which caters to the packaging taste pursued by consumers. From a technical point of view, although the processes are different, they do not require machine labeling or manual labeling process. From the perspective of packaging style, bright color block collocation and highly readable words make curved surface printing the representative of simple packaging style; The in mold label has fine picture, rich layers and gorgeous colors. From the perspective of investment, the investment threshold of curved surface printing is low, while the in mold label belongs to the game of the rich

as an end user of packaging and printing, how do you view these two solutions? Jinyuxi Coty cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. purchasing manager Liu is in the European market. Some of our products are packaged with in mold labels. However, at present, in the Chinese market, our cosmetics packaging adopts silk printing or self-adhesive labels, instead of in mold labels. This is mainly because many cosmetic bottles are made of pet, and the transparent PET bottle is printed with curved surface. The ink color is thick, the color saturation is large, and the product description is readable. However, the materials of in mold labeling bottles are limited to PF and PP materials, and in mold labeling bottles are mainly blow molded, while injection molding is rare. In mold labeling is not very helpful to improve the quality of cosmetics, and anti-counterfeiting is its biggest advantage. At present, the volume of plastic cosmetic bottles is relatively small, and the mold is small. It is difficult for the robot to control the labeling position in the in mold labeling process. Therefore, in the domestic cosmetics market, the deformation increases rapidly, in mold labeling bottles are rarely used, and curved surface printing is widely used

Miss Miao, business department of Guangdong Huizhou Zhaoting Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Zhaoting is a Hong Kong funded daily chemical enterprise that produces shower gel, shampoo and beauty and skin care products. In may2003, the company launched a new "Aobao" shower gel with specifications of 200m, 400ml and 750ml. After repeated consideration, the company decided to adopt PC in mold labeling bottle. From the aspect of appearance, the shower gel product packaging with in mold label has gorgeous color, rich and delicate picture layers, which is comparable to the effect of self-adhesive label. If the curved surface printing is adopted, the registration is difficult to control due to the large number of colors. If the operation is not careful, the bottle will be scratched and the loss rate will be increased. The price of each color of plastic bottle surface printing is about 0.1 yuan, and the cost of printing more than four colors is higher. The in mold labeling reduces the operation process, and the factors affecting the loss rate should be checked regularly to see if there is water leakage and water plugging

the packaging and printing solution of "Aobao" daily chemical products is the coexistence of two technologies: plastic bottle surface printing and in mold label. For old products, such as refreshing and healthy shampoo, the brand image of "Aobao" has been branded in the hearts of consumers, so the packaging of these products still uses the previous curved mark. In general, in mold labeling is used more in the packaging of daily chemical products

Guangdong Zhaoqing Shangjin is one of the early end users in China to adopt in mold label bottles. In 2002, the company decided to use in mold label bottles in Japanese shampoo and shower gel products, and "Fengcai" shampoo is one of them. At that time, considering the anti-counterfeiting of the product, secondly, according to the characteristics of packaging design, it was considered that the in mold label was the first choice to reproduce the design draft with exquisite and rich layers. The plastic packaging bottles of other cosmetics, such as gel water and gel cream, are printed with curved surface. From the perspective of packaging appearance, PET bottles can attract consumers by directly printing text descriptions and patterns

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