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Pour wonderful life liuxiulian, outstanding communist party member of Hebei Xuangong, pour wonderful life liuxiulian, outstanding communist party member of Hebei Xuangong, as an ordinary Party member, should do his own work well in a down-to-earth manner and make due contributions to enterprise construction with creative labor At the Xuangong Foundry Branch located at the foot of Xishan Mountain in Wanquan County, I saw liuxiulian, the technical team leader, wearing a hard hat, working hard with the staff to tackle key problems, and stepping up the trial production of new products to seize the international market

casting new business

compared with large-scale enterprises, Xishan Foundry Branch, which has only hundreds of people, is a newly built "small stage" of production. It is difficult to start a business. As a pioneer of new cast iron, liuxiulian, a senior engineer, joins hands with everyone to work hard in this hot land. With perseverance and professionalism, she sings the "big play" of entrepreneurship at the foot of Xishan

"although Xiao Liu is a woman, she has a strong spirit of hard work and makes every effort to achieve the production and efficiency of new cast iron", the leaders and employees of the branch plant praise from the bottom of their hearts. In the foundry technical transformation project of Xishan industrial park, as the technical leader of the branch plant, I was responsible for the investigation of technical transformation equipment and new process design. In order to complete the work with quality and quantity, she worked more than 10 hours a day, often without rest for several weeks, completed the investigation of more than 60 sets of production equipment, improved the layout design of cast iron production process, and successively prepared 23 technical quality documents such as quality control procedures, which ensured the effective operation of the quality system in the new plant and made outstanding contributions to the completion and production of the casting project. The old cupola has been changed to medium frequency electric furnace for smelting, and the renewal of technical equipment has put forward new requirements for smelting technology. In order to adapt to the characteristics of the new equipment and ensure the product quality, liuxiulian adjusted the nodulizing agent model according to the characteristics of high discharge temperature and pure molten iron of the medium frequency electric furnace. The original nodulizing agent mg8re7 was adjusted to mg8re3, which not only reduced the casting cost but also ensured the quality of nodular iron. The molten iron smelted in the electric furnace has a high discharge temperature, and some sand molds have the problem of surface melting. Through many tests on various high-temperature resistant materials, she has successfully found a reasonable formula, eliminated the dissolution phenomenon, and ensured the production quality of castings. According to the process requirements of the modeling assembly line in the new car workshop, the company organized and designed more than 40 sets of line sandboxes to be carefully selected when purchasing the experimental machine. The company's product parts and outsourced castings produced in batch were subject to the operation of machine line consolidation, which greatly improved the production efficiency and reduced the sand iron ratio. There was a casting with serious shrinkage after pouring, which affected the later processing quality. For this, she improved the original process, and carried out process simulation with simulation software, optimized the pouring system and riser, strengthened the control of pouring temperature, reduced the scrap rate to 6%, and saved the casting cost. In the past two years, she has successively presided over and completed the process design of external processing castings of Siemens, Qinghai Huading gearbox company, CNR group and other well-known large companies at home and abroad and the process research of key castings within the enterprise. Many papers have been published in domestic professional magazines such as casting technology and metal processing, and she has become a female expert in the field of casting

breaking new markets

making foundry products go global is a challenge and revolution to traditional industries. With a kind of love and dream, the 42 year old liuxiulian, with a fighting spirit, is striving to advance on the road of product technology innovation

in may, 2013, the newly installed capacity of global renewable energy of Xuangong casting in 2017 (2) and 2002 will reach at least 920 GW (including 321 GW of wind power and 438 GW of photovoltaic power) and the branch will be put into full operation. In the face of the 20000 ton capacity requirements of the new plant, as well as the myriad tasks such as process technology, quality standards and new product development, liuxiulian has risen to the challenge and worked hard to successfully develop a variety of difficult castings. Machine tool beds exported to Japan, weighing more than 2 tons, have strict requirements for dimensional accuracy and surface quality. After receiving the order, because he was responsible for the technical service during the day, in order to ensure the progress, he had to take the drawings home at night for process design. This piece was composed of 20 sand cores. From process design to the successful production of the sample piece, after more than two months' efforts, the castings produced were highly praised by the customers, and therefore obtained the machine tool parts order of Yinchuan small giant group. The front-end box is a component of the marine engine cooling system. It weighs more than two tons. There are only 20 drawings, and 28 cores are required. The technology is very complex, which makes many professional foundry manufacturers shy away from it. After Xuangong foundry took over the order, the arduous task of tackling key technical problems fell on liuxiulian's shoulders. In order to ensure product quality, she started with optimizing process design, refined quality management in key links such as sand mixing process, model making process and pouring process, followed the shift for half a month, came up with ideas and solved difficult problems, and provided technical services in time. In view of the complexity of many cavities and morphological changes of parts, she proposed the process idea of layered core lowering and multi-layer pouring, which solved the production problems of large and complex castings. Connectors exported to the United States require very high surface finish. There was a factory that tried many times but failed and gave up. After being contracted by the cast iron branch, liuxiulian tried to solve the problem, changed the flow coating process in modeling, changed the coating varieties, and realized clean pouring by reasonably arranging the air outlet risers and accurately pouring the angle, so that the yield reached more than 97%, which passed the acceptance of American customers. Since March this year, she has exported snow shovels, connectors More than 120 sets of wheel hub and other castings, and the product quality has all reached international standards. Due to the improvement of casting level, orders have been received from more than a dozen companies at home and abroad. Every time you receive an order, from quotation to process design, from model making to sample production, you can see her busy figure in every link and detail, so that many casting technologies not only create a new record in the history of publicity, but also reach the leading level in the domestic casting industry

challenge a new height

"cast iron is a traditional industry. To be based on the market, we must have the strength to open the way to the mountains and bridge the water". In order to make the traditional industry "innovative" and the casting products from "stupid, big, black and rough" to "fine and beautiful", Liu Xiulian struggled to "jump" to a new height in the face of repeated difficulties and challenges

in order to reduce the production cost and improve the benefit of casting products, she made bold innovations in the casting process. The cylinder body of outsourced parts was originally poured in a single piece, which was time-consuming, labor-intensive and material consuming. Instead, it was cast in more than one box, changing one casting at a time to four pieces in one box. More than 30% of sand can be saved per ton of castings. "Casting production is like steaming steamed bread. It is only when the pot is opened that we can know whether the alkali is large or small. Therefore, there are many uncertainties.". In order to change the influence of uncertain factors on product quality and solve the "mystery of casting" of complex parts, liuxiulian was busy experimenting at work, mastered the first-hand data, took the drawings home for analysis and research after work, and made every effort to control and solve the problems first, so that the "steamed bread" could know the size of "long journey and two test spaces" without coming out of the pot. In April this year, in order to overcome the problem that the surface color of the export "Chuck" was consistent, she could not eat well and sleep well. Through analysis, inspection and demonstration step by step, she took a variety of measures in modeling materials, furnace charge control and sand grade, and conducted 5 or 6 tests, so that the surface quality of the casting was reduced from black spots on the original surface to spots of only one grain of rice. The surface quality has reached a high level. However, liuxiulian did not stop to tackle key problems. She believed that the user's standard is the standard of work. We must achieve 100% and not have a spot. In order to win the key research projects on schedule, she raced against time. The vast majority of plastic processing enterprises focused on domestic manufacturing equipment and focused on the production site every day, doing sand mixing test and hot metal smelting test, analyzing and comparing data one by one, looking for the best scheme and sprinting towards the goal of consistent color of casting products. She is tired and thin, and has more gray hair, but she totally ignores it. She focuses on technological breakthroughs and the enterprise's turnaround. With her and everyone's efforts, in early April, she finally poured out a high standard chuck, making the new product chuck a "driving disk" to open up the market and a new economic growth point for the enterprise

Mei Huaxiang has come from the bitter cold. Liuxiulian has positioned her ideal coordinate in the enterprise construction, developed the foundry business with a strong party spirit, and created extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts. In 2013, she was rated as "the first batch of outstanding young talents" by Zhangjiakou Xishan industrial zone, and "advanced individual in technological innovation" by Xuangong company. In July this year, she was rated as an outstanding communist party member by the group

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