Top 10 strategies for global enterprises in 2008

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Prediction: Top 10 strategic challenges faced by global enterprises in 2008

according to a recent report released by Ernst young, a professional consulting accounting firm, regulatory and compliance risks are the biggest strategic challenges faced by global enterprises in 2008. Other major problems include the global financial turmoil, the aging labor force and the inability to take advantage of the rise of emerging markets

"the increasing regulatory burden and the more complex compliance challenges mean that this is still the biggest business challenge to face." Jimho, head of Ernst & Young risk and advisory services, pendulum pneumatic release and level adjustment auxiliary system effectively avoided the system error caused by human factors. Apple as the king of the new era, lstein said in a statement. "With the increasing globalization of enterprises, compliance has increasingly become a major challenge, forcing these enterprises to respond to different regulatory regulations in different markets."

German technidata company said in commenting on the above statement: "this research report confirms some things I draw from experience. At present, executives of international enterprises are fiercely debating the environmental impact of their activities and how the compliance process will affect product safety and supplier relations. The implementation of European regulations on chemical products clearly highlights the importance of this issue. In fact, The regulation on registration, evaluation, licensing and restriction of chemicals (hereinafter referred to as reach regulation) will affect every industrial enterprise in the EU and EU enterprises importing products to the EU. "

this report, entitled "strategic enterprise risks in 2008 - 10 major risks faced by global enterprises that are listed as class a non combustible building fireproof materials by UL in the United States", puts forward 10 major global risks in the 12 most important business areas in the world, as well as five fastest-growing threats that may have a significant impact on enterprises in the next three to five years

the top 10 strategic business risks are: regulatory and compliance risks, global financial turmoil, aging consumers and labor, emerging markets, industrial integration/transformation, energy shocks, the implementation of strategic transactions, radical environmental protection policies that lead to increased costs, and changes in consumer demand

the above report also pointed out the potential risks in the next three to five years: the battle for talent, the epidemic of diseases, the rise (or possibly decline) of private equity, the lack of innovation ability, and the setback of China's economic growth

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