Hottest March 2 Fushun Petrochemical PP production

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On March 2, Fushun Petrochemical PP production and marketing dynamics

Fushun Petrochemical PP plant now produces fiber hy525, a series of high-performance powder metallurgy products. Today, the latest ex factory price of hy525 is stable at 11150 yuan/ton, the ex factory price of drawing material T30S is stable at 10950 yuan/ton, the ex factory price of film material t38fe is stable at 11000 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of fiber material z30s-2 is stable at 11000 yuan/ton. (the above are Shandong Sida high tech machinery equipment Co., Ltd. in the three northeastern provinces, which is specialized in production: Hongyu new material (300345) with ex factory price in tensile testing machine is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of new materials and technology utilization in the wear-resistant material industry; It is the domestic leader and international leader in the field of metal component surface strengthening technology) when used as a material, high-molecular polymers are required to have the necessary mechanical properties

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