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Liuguofang, Secretary of Shahe municipal Party committee, presided over the Symposium on emission reduction of glass enterprises

on April 6, liuguofang, Secretary of Shahe municipal Party committee, presided over the Symposium on emission reduction of glass enterprises. With the improvement of technical level, relevant leaders and heads of relevant glass enterprises attended the meeting. It's better for us to have a look at the wonderful contents of this meeting

the meeting conveyed the analysis and emission reduction measures of the impact of air pollution emissions from glass enterprises in Shahe City on the air quality of Xingtai City, as well as the instructions of the main leaders and leaders in charge of Xingtai City

the participants had a discussion about the air pollution emission and emission reduction measures of glass enterprises. In combination with the current environmental protection situation and the actual situation of enterprises, they spoke freely and put forward many good opinions and suggestions for the air pollution emission and emission reduction measures of Shahe glass enterprises

liuguofang pointed out that the emission reduction and treatment work of glass enterprises is a complex systematic project, which is tight in time, heavy in task and difficult. It can only be won in a battle. The strength and wear resistance of glass enterprises can be increased through appropriate heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering, carburization and quenching Sometimes special steel is embedded in the jaw, Or spray gold steel sand on the surface of the jaw (it is necessary to properly hold hard metal materials and not allow big battles, hard battles and bitter battles to fail. We must pool the strength of the whole city, firmly and orderly promote them, implement them one by one, seek breakthroughs and see practical results. All departments and enterprises must make every effort to promote various emission reduction measures, strictly enforce enterprise emission management and control, speed up the upgrading of environmental protection facilities, and renovate glass production lines in accordance with laws and regulations. We must actively guide the introduction of capacity transfer, and on the one hand, complete the reduction of capacity as soon as possible On the other hand, guide the glass industry to transfer production capacity, further optimize the energy structure, focus on fine control, pay close attention to the cultivation of "double benchmark" enterprises, strictly control transportation vehicles, and speed up the transformation and upgrading of the glass industry

liuguofang stressed that we must unite our efforts, compact our work and ensure the effectiveness of our work. Leaders at the municipal level should take the lead in performing their duties and responsibilities, regularly contact subcontracting enterprises, guide enterprises to consciously obey the overall situation, urge enterprises to implement various measures for emission reduction and governance, and actively strengthen in-depth governance to ensure practical results. All departments at all levels should firmly consolidate their respective functions, perform their respective duties and responsibilities, and do a good job in all work with effective measures and strict discipline. It is necessary to strengthen the assistance to enterprises, change working ideas, adhere to the integration of management in services, focus on services, and combine dredging and blocking, strengthen the assistance and guidance for enterprise environmental assessment, governance technology, upgrading and reconstruction, and support enterprises to formulate environmental governance solutions. All enterprises should consolidate the main body, clearly understand and actively adapt to the environmental protection situation, consciously undertake the society, strictly implement the decisions and arrangements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, strive to improve the level of emission reduction, speed up the construction of "green garden factory", promote enterprises to truly realize green development, effectively create a strong atmosphere of "everyone stresses environmental protection and everyone is environmental protection", and truly realize the transformation from "not daring to exhaust" to "not wanting to exhaust"

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