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Liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma, 2016 New Year's greetings: Lu Yaozhi "Ma" Li

Liu Hanru, chairman of Valin Xingma, 2016 New Year's greetings: Lu Yaozhi "Ma" Li

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once again, everything is renewed. In 2015, when we bid farewell to and forge ahead, we usher in 2016, which is full of hope. Here, on behalf of Valin Xingma group, I would like to extend my heartfelt wishes and sincere thanks to all employees, dealers, service providers, suppliers, customers, as well as all leaders at all levels and all sectors of society who care about and support Valin Xingma

looking back on 2015, the downward pressure on China's economy has increased, and the transformation and upgrading of the commercial vehicle industry has become an inevitable trend. In the face of the new normal, Valin Xingma has taken positive actions, committed to transformation and development, paid more attention to quality and efficiency, optimized product structure and improved product quality, and the enterprise is developing in a positive, healthy, stable and sustainable direction

this year, Valin Xingma product platform was expanded and improved, forming new advantages in product structure and product brand. Jim foster, chief petrochemical market analyst of Hanma H6 Platts, said: if nothing happens, the four product platforms represented by xingkaima, Valin heavy truck and Valin star have been established, the company's product structure will be more reasonable and the product brand positioning will be more accurate. Among them, Valin dump truck continues to maintain its competitive advantage in the southern regional market; Xingma mixer is still the preferred brand of users; Han Ma series port tractors began to destroy cities and pull out villages in major ports

this year, "Hanma powertrain (engine + gearbox) + Valin axle" as a diamond transmission system, has been highly praised in the market. The diamond transmission system has been deeply tested by users, and the advantages of technical products are prominent. Industry experts and end users have given full affirmation and high praise to the diamond transmission system. The advent of Hanma power assembly not only promoted the technological progress of the industry, but also refreshed people's technical understanding of engine + gearbox + axle, as well as their understanding of quality control and enterprise management. With the country accelerating the implementation of the national four country five new emission standards, the unique product technology advantages of Valin diamond transmission system have provided the wings for the comprehensive upgrading of Valin Xingma products and the creation of market miracles. In addition, Hanma natural gas engines have also been put on the market in batches, including cm6t28 and cm6t18 series. The latest oh6.0 system of Woodward in the United States is adopted, and the emission standards easily reach national five and national six

in this year, the company continued to innovate its marketing model and fully implemented the "please come in and go out" strategy. Support dealers and secondary networks to carry out various forms of publicity and promotion activities, effectively expanding the influence of the company, promoting the market sales of the company's products, and improving the reputation and popularity of the brand

this year, the company implemented the innovation of marketing mode, carried out "double 11" and "double 12" e-commerce water testing activities, and implemented the combination of online and offline mode, which greatly improved the brand influence of Valin Xingma. The company also actively supports dealers to carry out network construction activities

"Xiongguan is as true as iron", we are in awe of the new normal, and we are also looking forward to 2016. In the new year, new hope, follow the bell, let's continue to play the horn of chasing our dreams

in 2016, due to the differences between the counterparty and its core transaction terms on the issue of shares and the payment of cash to purchase assets, the impact of the new normal will continue. The downward pressure on the economy is huge, and we still face adverse factors such as overcapacity, destocking, and capacity reduction, but we must strengthen our confidence and actively respond. With a higher fighting spirit, a more pragmatic style and a more diligent attitude, we will strive to find opportunities in the new normal and seize the market share of our competitors

in 2016, we will further strengthen market development and expand market space. Continue to consolidate the strong position of the southern market, strengthen the development of the northern target market, and improve the market share of products. We should focus on the market of special coal line logistics tractor, dangerous goods transport vehicle, express logistics vehicle, cold chain logistics vehicle and so on, and make full use of our market sword - which determines the structure of the electronic tensile testing machine, such as lightweight xingkaima high-speed logistics vehicle and Hanma power natural gas engine

in 2016, we should further strengthen enterprise basic management, quality management, information management, etc., pay attention to the coordination and linkage between all levels and departments, form management synergy, and improve the company's comprehensive management level

"the movement of a ROC is not the lightness of a feather; the speed of a steed is not the strength of a foot." To fly higher and run faster, Valin Xingma has to rely on the strength of every Valin Xingma man. Facing 2016, we are confident, because all Valin Xingma people firmly believe: "the East is about to dawn, Mo Daojun goes early. People who have traveled all over the green mountains are not old, and the scenery here is unique."

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