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Liu Guoyao, chairman of Keyuan Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the 110th anniversary celebration of Southeast University

on June 2, Mr. Liu Guoyao, chairman of Keyuan Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the 110th anniversary celebration of Southeast University, and joined more than 1300 guests at home and abroad, alumni, representatives of fraternal colleges and universities, and representatives of teachers and students of Southeast University to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Southeast University for vehicle enterprises

it is reported that the leaders of relevant departments of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of health and the Ministry of communications, the leaders of relevant departments directly under Jiangsu Province, the leaders of domestic brother colleges and universities, the president of Overseas Friendship universities, the leaders of cities and some counties and urban areas under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Province, the leaders of relevant departments, relevant districts, streets and departments and units directly under the jurisdiction of Nanjing, and the relevant departments 13 Relative error of beam speed: ± 1% of the set value is for leaders of enterprises and institutions, friends of the media, relatives of Zhang Zhidong, Guo Bingwen and Gu Yuxiu, heads of alumni associations, alumni and President representatives of Southeast University, former senior leaders, retired comrades and representatives of teachers, students and staff of Southeast University, including five Nobel Prize winners such as Ding Zhaozhong and more than 20 academicians at home and abroad

Mr. Liu Guoyao is an 86 year old alumnus of Southeast University. He was formerly an associate professor of thermal control in the Department of power of Southeast University and the director of the instrument room of the Institute of vibration engineering. He has deep feelings for his alma mater. His alma mater gave him not only the ability to study, innovate and specialize in research when using instruments, but also the truth of life-long use. A hundred years of Dongda, stop at the best. As a representative of the alumni of Southeast University, Mr. Liu Guoyao is very honored to be invited to attend the 110th anniversary celebration of his alma mater, and takes this opportunity to wish his alma mater better and better, cultivate more talents for the country, and become a world-class university as soon as possible. At the same time, Keyuan Co., Ltd. will also rely on its own advantages to further strengthen the cooperation with schools and enterprises of Southeast University, and it is difficult to become a leading enterprise of new materials in the international market, so as to give full play to the scientific research strength of the University, promote industrial progress and repay the society

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