Tips for selecting high-quality submerged electrom

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Tips for selecting high-quality submerged electromagnetic pulse valve

choose a fully imported high-quality brand: Yan must immediately click the stop button to exit the experimental state. Submerged electromagnetic pulse valve is the heart of dust removal equipment, and its total price is about 5% of the total price of pulse jet dust collector; It is 1% of the cost of the air box pulse dust collector. The total cost of selecting the highest quality imported pulse valve is only 1 ~ 2% higher than that of selecting the domestic valve. Therefore, it is most unworthy to save equipment cost and bear the risk of failure of the whole dust removal system on the submerged pulse valve

choose low resistance pulse valve: the internal structure of the pulse valve needs to ensure that a key design point is to make this kind of composite material reach class A. the injection air volume is large, the diaphragm stroke is long, and the structure in the shell is designed according to fluid mechanics to make the valve resistance small. Due to the improper design of the valve body, some valves with 3 "interfaces can only inject air up to" 1~ "2" interfaces. According to the product specifications, the mechanical properties of adult toothbrushes, children's toothbrushes and children's toothbrushes are tested respectively. Using the submerged pulse valve with low resistance and high injection volume, each valve can remove the filter material in a larger area, which greatly saves the overall cost of the injection system

choose pulse valves that can be applied to high, medium and low pressure ranges: the pressure range of submerged pulse valves should be at least 1 ~ 8kg/cm2. In this way, if the resistance of the filter material increases with time in the application process, the good running resistance of the dust collector can be maintained by adjusting the air bag pressure to ensure that the filter material will not paste the bag

choose the uniformity of production quality of submerged pulse valve: the valve must be manufactured by using a fully automatic production line equipped with robots and CNC center, so as to eliminate the inconsistency of production quality caused by manual processing. In an ash cleaning system, the air leakage of one valve often leads to the paralysis of the whole system

choose a valve manufacturer with a long history: the valve manufacturer must have a production history of more than 10 years and successful operation cases, so as to ensure that the pulse solenoid valve products have a perfect quality assurance system and truly achieve the five-year inspection exemption of 100000 injections

choose a five-year free warranty period: the number of experimental actions of the submerged pulse valve is not enough to explain the quality of the valve, and the diaphragm must pass the test of natural aging factors of years. Therefore, the valve supplier must provide the free warranty period of diaphragm and solenoid coil, which is generally 5 years

select the submerged pulse valve with actual injection gas volume rather than just the connection diameter size: the interface size of the submerged pulse valve often cannot judge its ash removal function

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