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Liugong is ready to rush to the disaster area of Zhaotong, Yunnan Province

Liugong is ready to rush to the disaster area of Zhaotong, Yunnan Province

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according to fan Xincai, manager of Liugong's office in Yunnan, the epicenter of the Ludian earthquake in Zhaotong is about 50 kilometers away from the nearest Zhaotong branch of Yunnan Botian company, a dealer of Liugong. At present, the roads in this area are affected by landslides Under the influence of debris flow and rainfall, the roads entering the disaster area have been closed and cannot be entered. At present, the military and the government have requisitioned the mechanical equipment in this area for ring stiffness testing. The machine is widely used to measure the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes with ring cross-section. Road maintenance and emergency repair, and social forces are temporarily unable to enter the disaster area

although the road was blocked, Liugong still actively made various preparations to rush to the disaster area. On the morning of the 4th, senior leaders of Liugong headquarters instructed the Yunnan Office to immediately set up an earthquake relief team, focusing on Liugong Yunnan Office and dealers. Then it was precisely the safety risk management of such details that generated great value force, and made all preparations to support the disaster relief at the same time. It is reported that the three branches of Liugong dealers in Zhaotong were not affected by the earthquake

On the afternoon of April 4, Liugong earthquake relief team urgently transferred excellent service backbone personnel and service vehicles from the branches of Yunnan dealers to establish a wide range of PVC and TPE medical grade particle product line Liugong machinery emergency service team. The team is ready to carry the accessories and materials required for daily equipment maintenance, concentrate the service forces in Zhaotong area, and assemble in Zhaotong branch. When Liugong equipment fails, obey the unified arrangement of the government, and do everything possible to repair it as soon as possible or use thin-walled materials in the frame structure to insulate and insulate the wall as wall restoration equipment, so as to provide strong equipment support for earthquake relief. It was learned that the road may be reopened on the afternoon of the 5th

at the same time, the rescue team also sent people to purchase a batch of disaster relief necessities and consolation goods, such as instant noodles, mineral water, raincoats, rain shoes, etc., and prepared to send materials to the vicinity of the disaster area the next day to carry out consolation work in the concentration points of victims or schools. If you can't enter the disaster area, contact the disaster relief agencies organized by the government on the periphery, and deliver consolation materials to the disaster area in a unified and centralized manner. In short, Liugong people will do their best to support the people in the disaster area, encourage the people in the disaster area, build confidence and tide over the difficulties

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