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Noram packaging further focused on the packaging business selling its waste paper recycling plant

Montreal Quebec; Norampac announced that it had reached an agreement with Metro. Sell all the assets of its waste paper recycling department to mitter 6, gear amplification and range classification company

noram purchased this asset from Karen packaging in British Columbia at the beginning of this year. It has eight paper recycling plants. In the future, this facility will be used by two plants affiliated to mittero

this transaction will end on January 2 next year, which will increase noram's equity in mitterra waste paper recycling company from the current 27.5% to 46%, and the other two shareholders of mitterra will each own 27% equity. The thermal stability of various lignin is also different.

the president of noram packaging said when evaluating this transaction: "Mittero has good financing channels and less business record in the past, and is a strong waste paper recycling operator. This transaction will help noram increase its energy to focus on the packaging business.

noram packaging has 8 carton base paper plants and 25 corrugated products plants in the United States, Canada, Mexico and France, with an annual production capacity of more than 1.6 million short tons. Noram is the largest carton base paper producer in Canada, and is located in North America ranks 8th, and it is also the main corrugated product manufacturer in Canada. It is a joint venture between Domtar and can

mittero waste paper recycling company is a comprehensive material recycling company that will inevitably lead to weaker domestic demand. It has two recycling plants in Toronto and New York State, and one recycling plant in Ottawa. Both have recycling grass-roots organizations. The plant is equipped with packaging, classification and storage facilities, which can supply 450000 tons of high-quality renewable waste paper and other secondary materials a year

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