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North America has become the world's largest biopolymer market

the well-known Market Research Institute markets and markets recently released a report that the current biopolymer market demand in North America accounts for more than 30% of the total global demand, and this region has become the world's largest biopolymer market. The servo electromechanical controller will alarm and stop; Among them, the United States is the largest consumer of biopolymers in the North American market

the report points out that in recent years, the market demand for PLA (polylactic acid), bio based PE and bio based pet in packaging, beverage bottles, fibers, automobiles and other terminal fields has been increasing, and it is also possible to increase in other thermoplastic polymer matrices, which has greatly promoted the overall market trend of biopolymers in North America

with the increasingly heated topics of food safety and human health, North Americans' preference for biopolymers has gradually increased. The advent of some high-performance biological composites has further consolidated the important market position of biopolymers

Over the past 10 years, sand markets said that the development and innovation of downstream related industries and capacity expansion have greatly boosted the market growth rate of biopolymers in North America

market analysts said that in general, the development of the global biopolymer industry is relatively slow, and the development of this kind of polymer in many regions is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, which failed to form a unified whole. In addition to North America, the Asia Pacific region is one of the fastest growing markets for biopolymers in the world

currently, the world's large biopolymer manufacturers mainly include NatureWorks in the United States, Brasco in Brazil, novamont in Italy and metabolix in the United States. During, the above companies controlled 62% of the global biopolymer market share

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