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The North American injection molding machine market continues to grow, and the automotive industry is still increasing procurement

the growth rate of the American injection molding machine market in 2013 was about 5%, far less than the double-digit increase in previous years of the economic recession. However, machinery manufacturers are not worried about this, because the automotive industry, as an important market for injection molding machines, is still increasing procurement, which indicates a positive signal for the manufacturing industry in North America

abundant shale gas may stabilize the resin price and further increase the resin production in North America. In October this year, the United States experienced a turning point: domestic oil production exceeded imports for the first time in 20 years

at the same time, the export volume of American cars is also rising. Will the United States become a global manufacturing center and export center? A few years ago, this was an incredible problem, but now it is worth thinking about

I think the fundamentals will continue to grow, said Bill wood, a plastic economist. In terms of fundamentals, the employment rate will continue to increase. The situation of income, consumption and automobile industry is good. But I think there is still room for growth. The market demand for new cars will continue to rise

the sales volume of cars in the United States may reach 15.5 million this year. But the average age of cars on the road is 11 years. Auto analysts believe that the sales volume of cars in the United States will reach 16million in 2014, returning to the level before the economic recession

Jinan Shijin wood-based panel universal experimental machine is an electronic universal experimental machine developed and designed by Jinan experimental machine factory for wood-based panel production enterprises and quality inspection departments. Last year, the strong growth of the automotive industry promoted the sales of injection molding machines from 1285 in 2009 to 3307 in 2012. The machinery manufacturing giant said that the order volume in 2013 will reach 3, 500 units, an increase of about 5% to 6% compared with 2012

at present, most machinery manufacturers believe that the sales volume in 2014 will be basically the same as that in 2013, and may also rise slightly

our (2) preliminary composition of chain development believes that the sales volume in 2013 will reach more than 3500 units, because the sales volume in each quarter after the third quarter of 2012 is rising. Miracron shows a 2020 extruder prototype plastic machinery and DME mold technology president Dave Lawrence said that for our industry, 2014 will be another year of strong growth, with an expected growth rate of%, and the market may be more inclined to choose large tonnage machines

David Bernardi, senior manager of sales and marketing of Yubu machinery, a large tonnage injection molding machine manufacturer, said: the automotive industry is a carbon fiber composite. The use of carbon fiber composites in electric vehicles is a strong driving force for the future. Automotive manufacturers are very busy. At present, we have received many orders from this industry

Tony Firth, vice president and general manager of Baosheng North America branch in Italy, said that core markets such as medicine and food packaging remained stable, but the largest growth came from the automotive market. Maybe at a certain time, the demand for injection molding machines in the automotive industry will also decline, but there is no such sign at present, he said. I think the situation next year should be similar to this year, or even better

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