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Nordic chemical launched a new low temperature resistant packaging material

"Nordic chemical (borealis) Recently, it has brought the latest borpactm polypropylene products to film processors and product manufacturers in the packaging industry

this new material integrates good low temperature resistance, high stiffness, high heat resistance and excellent optical properties of brittle materials such as gray cast iron, cast aluminum alloy, concrete, masonry and resin. Among them, borpact bc914tf can be used in food packaging, upright bags, peelable cover films, bottle label films and other fields. With this development, polypropylene can be applied to some new market areas, such as labels and modified aerial packaging (map) plates for meat products and fruits

this borpact bc914tf is an innovative block copolymer used for thermoforming, casting and blow molding films to avoid contamination by other materials. Through a new combination of various properties, it can provide packaging that is easy to process, easy to use and eye-catching in appearance

this latest product added to the borpact family can be used for transparent printed labels on bottle bodies because of its high stiffness, good transparency and impact resistance; Because of its high stiffness and sterilization, it can be used for printing film covering of fresh and frozen bread; Due to its easy tearing, FDA certification and high seam tightness, it is used to implement the project of "environmental friendly biodegradable express bag", and the sealing strength can be used for fresh pet food packaging; Because of its high stiffness, good processability and high heat resistance, it can be used in microwave food containers; Because of its good low temperature resistance, transparency and thermoformability, it can be used as ready to eat food for low temperature or microwave food purposes

Peter nieders ü, product development engineer of Nordic chemical film business, commented: "borpact bc914tf combines the ready-made properties of block copolymerized polypropylene with particularly good transparency and optical properties, which will ensure that manufacturers' packaging products obtain beautiful and high-quality appearance quality. Consumers can benefit from the convenience of new packaging types, including easy to open packaging bags used to replace tinned food." With the support of the platform,

Borealis is a world-renowned supplier of packaging materials. It has more than 40 years of experience in providing innovative plastic solutions with polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Nordic chemical products are processed into a variety of daily-use products by its customers, such as food packaging, medical devices, diapers, pipes, auto parts and cables. (Miao Weimin)

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