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Changshan bearing industry has actively implemented technological transformation

since this year, Changshan bearing industry has actively implemented technological transformation to improve production capacity and product grade. From January to June, Changshan bearing industry implemented 22 technological transformation projects, with a total investment of 160million yuan

the author's site: This is the production workshop of Zhejiang Sitong Bearing Group Co., Ltd., which will sign a memorandum of understanding on Railway cooperation between China and Pakistan in, and produce 1.8 million sets of medium and large-scale automobile bearings. After this project was put into use in May this year, it has greatly improved the quality and grade of products and met the market needs of medium and high-end customers

in recent years, four-way bearings have produced supporting products for large automobile enterprises such as Dongfeng Motor through market development. However, because the tapered roller bearings produced by the enterprise can not meet the needs of customers, at the beginning of this year, the enterprise invested more than 7 million yuan to introduce a technical transformation project with an annual output of 1.8 million sets of medium and large automobile bearings. In order to seek safer materials, the production of large and medium-sized tapered roller bearings has improved the accuracy and added value of the products

this year, a total of five technological transformation projects such as medium and large automobile bearings have been implemented for four-way bearings. From January to June, the total output value of enterprises reached 158million yuan, an increase of 45.3% year on year

Zhejiang Sitong Bearing Co., Ltd. can solve the surface hydrophobic problem of silicon containing polymers by glow discharge. Technical consultant Xu Zhenba: (technical transformation) the total investment is about 8million. The main projects are the medium and large-scale automobile bearing project with an annual output of 1.8 million sets and the high-precision bearing technical transformation project with an annual output of 3million sets, a total of five projects. After these projects are invested, the annual sales revenue will increase by 30million yuan

in the first half of this year, in the context of the vigorous development of the domestic automotive industry, the bearing market demand was strong and the orders were sufficient. All bearing enterprises in Changshan basically achieved full production. From January to June, 18 Bearing Enterprises above Designated Size in Changshan achieved an output value of 672million yuan, an increase of 43.73% year-on-year; The sales revenue was 660 million yuan, an increase of 55.74% year-on-year. These achievements cannot be achieved without the technological transformation within the enterprise

in addition to four-way bearings, peel bearings invested 25million yuan to put into operation three new CNC production lines at the beginning of this year, increasing the sales revenue of 65million yuan for the enterprise. At the same time, jiem, Zhongguan and other bearing enterprises also actively implement technological transformation to expand production capacity and improve product quality

Zhang crbard (USA), a staff member of the enterprise service section of Changshan County Economic and Trade Bureau, Yunming: in the first half of the year, Changshan bearing enterprises had a good production and operation situation, which was mainly due to two aspects: one is the strong market demand; the other is that Changshan stone, jiem and other enterprises have vigorously promoted a number of technological transformation projects, the production scale has been expanded, and the product quality and product grade have been significantly improved

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