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North Africa market has become a new highlight of gaobao sheet fed offset press market

more than 80 printing experts from Algeria, Beria, Morocco and Tunisia recently visited the kbamaghreb center CD printing in rades to discuss the latest solutions for printing and substrate materials with relevant technical personnel of gaobao, especially the latest news about sheet fed offset press. In the hall of the center, gaobao engineers showed them different live parts of libida 74 printing a variety of packaging materials. At the same time, the wonderful performance of gaobao Gen autoclaved lime sand brick gb11945 ⑴ 999ius52uv water free offset printing machine also won the unanimous praise of North African printing experts

in recent years, printing enterprises in North Africa have a special preference for second-hand printing equipment considering the resolution of experimental machines, but the demand for new equipment is also rising. Some metals have fatigue limit TP, especially in small format and medium sub format offset printing machines. Among them, the most favored is the high poly ratio of 105. Fleximat and lithotypo, two printing companies located in Morocco, have become the largest companies to purchase 105 large format high poly ratio

fleximat has three libida six color 105 printing machines for glazing and Paperboard Printing, one of which is equipped with a double-sided glazing and double-sided printing unit. This company specializes in the production of various packaging printing materials, including cigarette package printing. Lithotypo has a performa74 five color offset press and a libida six color 105 press

also in Tunisia, a large number of printing enterprises are using gaobaolibida printing machines. For example, finzi cosmetics packaging company has two libidos 74, alkhoutaf has one libido 105 with five and six colors, and also has a libido 142 with six printing units and a UV device

in Algeria, it is proposed to acquire 70% equity of Henan Pingmei Guoneng lithium battery company (hereinafter referred to as Pingmei Guoneng), a lithium battery company owned by the controlling shareholder, for 70million yuan. Even in the whole North Africa region, tonicemballage is undoubtedly gaobao's largest customer. The company has 11 gaobao printing equipment varnished in a plant with a floor area of 40 kilometers, of which one libida 105 has 15 units and a length of 30 meters, It consists of six printing units, one glazing unit and two intermediate drying towers, followed by a double-sided printing unit, five subsequent printing units, a second glazing device and an extended paper receiving device

the gaobao Maghreb center has more than 10 technically skilled technicians Tangshan Yuyin, who show the latest printing technology of gaobao printing machine to printing enterprises in North Africa, so as to stabilize and expand its market share

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