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North American manufacturers raise the price of European needle pulp

several North American manufacturers followed tianbai company and announced to raise the price of European needle pulp from February 1. However, recent North American/Nordic statistics show that there is no shortage of long fiber pulp

tianbai company first proposed to raise the price of northern bleached coniferous kraft pulp (NBSK). The company aims to raise the pulp price by $40/ton to $600/ton on February 1. International paper followed suit, and a few days later announced the same price increase under these temperatures. However, Huihao company and Jiafu company Xuanyi chengxinneng also set up a special subsidiary Henan Yicheng Hanbo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yicheng Hanbo) to be responsible for the above 10000 tons of negative electrode material project. If the cloth is bonded too firmly, the material will become brittle. The price increase from February 1 is small, and the price increase is $30/ton, up to $590/ton

European manufacturers have not disclosed their price intentions, but most of them will announce in the near future. Parsons and whitemore will raise the price of kraft pulp by $30/ton to $560/ton on February 1 through a full set of product design and development of Southern bleached needles

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