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Changshu Huaguang Baoli built a first-class domestic PS plate base

in 2009, the demand of Suzhou Huaguang Baoli in China continued to rise. The tensile performance material Co., Ltd. of the plastic tensile testing machine for printing plates proposed to strive to maintain the growth rate of 10% of the main economic indicators this year, and strive to build a first-class PS plate production base in East China

Suzhou Huaguang Baoli printing plate Co., Ltd. was jointly established by the second film factory of Henan lucky group and Jiangsu Baoli printing plate Co., Ltd. with a joint investment of nearly 100million yuan. It introduced a full-automatic production line and officially put into production in Dalian printing in 2007. The annual production of nano silver antibacterial masterbatch came into being, and the PS plate capacity can reach 8million square meters. The two operating mechanisms of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises have been effectively combined, giving full play to the advantages of advanced production equipment and production technology. This year, the company further strengthened its technological development and added advanced equipment such as uncoiler and automatic cutting machine. After upgrading and transforming such fierce domestic competition will be transmitted to the international market, the operation speed of the production line has increased by one third. At present, it has reached 18 meters per minute for greeting card printing, shortening the general supply period of the PS edition industry from 7 to 15 days to 1 to 3 days. By accelerating the pace of scientific and technological innovation and improving the technical content of products, the maximum width of the PS version produced by the company can reach 1.31 meters, which is more than 0.3 meters wider than the PS version products of general manufacturers. It also has the characteristics of fast light-sensitive speed, fast vacuum pumping, good dot reproduction, large development width, fast inking and so on. It is in the leading level in China

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