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Changshu new material industrial park plans to develop polyurethane products

it is learned from Changshu new material industrial park in Jiangsu that the park will vigorously introduce polyurethane upstream and downstream high-tech material enterprises

relevant personnel of the Industrial Park said that Changshu new materials Industrial Park is dominated by the fluorine chemical industry, while developing polyurethane, aramid, additives and other new chemical materials products

he said that the park plans to increase the proportion of polyurethane industry. At present (1) 1 generally stipulates that the polyurethane products and enterprises in the park are mainly concentrated in the upstream of the industrial chain. Changshu Yitong, Huada, chunrun and other polyurethane production enterprises have decided to settle in Changshu new materials industrial park. After the project is completed and put into operation, the products will cover all kinds of polyurethane resins, additives and products

however, at present, the leather in the park shows that the downstream products such as peritoneum, exterior wall coating and automobile interior adhesive are still blank with the continuous appearance of new raw materials, new singers and new works

it is understood that DuPont, Arkema, Daikin of Japan and Solvay of Belgium, four world fluorine chemical giants, and Shanghai sanaifu, a domestic listed enterprise, have entered the park. In 2008, the Industrial Park achieved a total output value of 4.8 billion yuan, a sales revenue of 5billion yuan, a total fiscal revenue of 180million yuan, and an industrial added value of 1billion yuan. Cindy green, vice president of DuPont, said, "many cities in Changshu have tried to use permeable concrete materials in parking lots and non traffic congested roads. The industrial park is the largest fast-growing fluorination Industrial Park in Asia."

Jiangsu Changshu new material industry integrated casting Park was officially established in July 2008, born out of Jiangsu high-tech fluorochemical Industrial Park. Its establishment began in 1999, was approved by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government in July 2001, and was named "China fluorochemical Industrial Park" by China Petroleum and chemical industry association in December 2006

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