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Norland's new bottle blowing machine can make PLA bottles

it has a wider range of applications

recently, Norland international has made a spring change experimental machine. What are the functional features? A new type of bottle blowing machine. The annual average growth rate of this new GDP reached 7.3%. The bottle blowing machine is small, and it is the first bottle blowing machine produced by Norland international

this bottle blowing machine is specially designed for PLA bottles. The properties of PLA and pet are very similar, but the semi-finished products of PLA bottles need higher temperature. (PLA:100℃;PET:75℃)。 At present, Norland has expanded its business projects and began to produce medium and small bottles of water. Norland uses its new free series bottle blowing machine to make these two kinds of bottles. The production speed can reach 4500 bottles/hour (but the volume of bottles can reach 1.5 liters). In this way, Norland can save 25% - 50% of the cost of buying bottles

source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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