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Puxin smart lock brand upgrading project has been fully constructed and implemented. Brand new and interrelated brand planning has begun

home, a synonym for security, gives all lonely wandering souls a habitat in the world: the door, the built wall keeps all uneasiness out of the door, and enjoys the comfort of the pure land in the room: the lock locks Pandora's box, giving the world no time and beauty. A good lock makes the door more "solid", and a solid door makes the home more comfortable and safe. Zhongshan Puxin intelligent lock, grinding a sword for ten years, focuses on the art of door lock, and achieves quality, safety and a good life

Zhongshan Puxin Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the "China door lock industry base". High speed rail, national roads and highways crisscross here, adjacent to ports and airports. The convenient traffic environment provides a strong impetus for the development of the "Puxin" brand: as the four tigers of Guangdong, Zhongshan, Guangdong, is a cluster of various industries, supported by the government, located in the raw material production base The advantages such as large market demand make "Puxin" brand quickly become the leader in China's lock market. After years of market investigation and experience accumulation and precipitation, in 2018, Puxin smart lock was no longer satisfied with being a silent person behind the scenes, and decided to base itself on the forest of brands. Puxin smart lock made a strong attack, upgraded its brand, and a huge brand building project was about to be launched

break through the forest of brands: to participate in the election of "China's top ten brands"

from "behind the scenes" to "in front of the stage", we need not only a strong strength background, but also a strong platform support. As the annual feast of China's lock brands, "China's top ten smart lock brands" has been highly concerned by all walks of life since its launch, and has become a consumer orientation. Therefore, to stand in front of consumers with a new attitude and reach consumers through the selection platform of "China's top ten smart lock brands" is the first step for Puxin smart lock to build a high-end well-known lock brand

establish the authority of the industry: invest tens of millions in CCTV

standing on the shoulders of giants can not only see further, but also be seen by more people. In 2018, Puxin smart lock invested tens of millions of dollars to jointly carry out brand exhibition and broadcasting with CCTV, which played a major role in promoting the brand popularity and reputation of Puxin smart lock. In addition, as the most representative TV media in China, CCTV has the highest authority and influence in the national media. The strong entry of Puxin smart lock into CCTV can not only comprehensively enhance the authority of Puxin brand in the lock industry, but also enhance the influence of Puxin brand in the industry through CCTV's brand "endorsement"

stretch brand value: publish an exclusive interview with famous paper media

if CCTV is a brand communication method for ordinary consumers across the country, then publishing an exclusive interview report on famous paper media is a brand promotion method of Puxin smart lock for professionals and friends who are interested in doing business. Global people, Chinese entrepreneurs and other famous authoritative media have invested olive branches in Puxin Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd. It is believed that in the near future, Puxin brand will appear in the eyes of professionals and consumers with a high-end and exquisite attitude

in-depth communication throughout the network: the ultimate service object of the network giants' products is always consumers, so it is necessary for consumers to have a comprehensive understanding of Puxin intelligent lock. Puxin brand has been deeply rooted in the market for many years, and it is well aware that there is a way of receiving information that has already penetrated into every consumer's life, that is, online publicity. In response to this phenomenon, the 2018 brand building project of Puxin Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd. threw a heavy "bomb" of online brand communication! Seven search engines, more than 50 video media, more than 500 network platforms and other network resources are important channels for the promotion of Puxin intelligent lock network

Puxin smart lock brand upgrading and building project is fully constructed and implemented. Through Puxin's linked brand planning, we see that in the future, a strong, vibrant and targeted brand is rising. "Behind the scenes" to "in front of the stage", I believe that the gold lettered signboard of Puxin brand will be brighter and brighter

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