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In the process of home decoration, there is a close upstream and downstream relationship between different construction subjects, and the construction quality of the latter link is based on the quality assurance of the previous link

in order to create a warm home environment, many consumers are willing to spend more money on home decoration. However, the reporter found in the interview that many consumers often feel at a loss when choosing home decoration materials. Luo Xin, the head of China wood furniture quality inspection station, reminded several problems that should be paid attention to when choosing wood furniture or boards

solid wood board: beware of shoddy

solid wood board is favored by many decoration households because of its good quality, no pollution and elegant appearance. However, according to the reporter, many consumers entered the building materials city with little knowledge of solid wood panels

when buying mahogany furniture, we should be vigilant against the board merchants to shoddy. According to the reporter, at present, the phenomenon of shoddy wood is often seen in the solid wood board market. There are many furniture marked as made of mahogany on the market, which can be bought for only 4000 yuan. In fact, its raw materials are ordinary miscellaneous wood such as red heart paint and Myanmar red paint

consumption tips

the price of mahogany varies greatly, and the difference sometimes reaches thousands of yuan per square meter. When buying solid wood furniture, you must know the characteristics of the boards you want to buy in advance. For example, the heartwood of Burmese red paint is red, but its face gradually turns purple brown after encountering the air? Crow and red sour wood is jujube red, and white sour wood is light in color

wood based panel: pay attention to formaldehyde emission

the reporter learned in the interview that due to the relatively cheap price of wood-based panel, the market demand for it even exceeds that of solid panels with better quality

however, formaldehyde pollution often associated with wood-based panels also gives many consumers a headache

according to experts, the material of large core board is logs, and the horizontal bending resistance is also strong. The raw materials of particleboard and MDF are crushed wood or other materials, such as sugarcane stalks. It can be seen that particleboard and density fiberboard are far inferior to large core board in terms of material selection. In addition, the materials used in particleboard are not completely crushed into fibers, but crushed into granules, and then added with glue to press; The density board is made by completely crushing the wood raw materials into fibrous shape and then adding glue

at present, the classification of wood-based panels in the market is mainly based on the production process of panels. At present, consumers often see particleboard, density fiberboard, large core board, plywood and so on in the market

consumption tips

consumption tips: when purchasing artificial plates, try to choose plates with less adhesive added in production, and don't blindly increase the price, just moderate

there are grade descriptions of formaldehyde emission on the quality inspection report of regular plates. Consumers should go to the regular plate city to buy plates, and take the initiative to ask the seller to issue a quality inspection report

when purchasing artificial boards, consumers can ask the salesperson to issue a board quality inspection report. The national standard is that the limit value of formaldehyde emission is divided into E1 and E2 levels. E1≤1.5mg/L,E2≤5.0mg/L; E1 plate can be directly used indoors, and E2 plate can be used indoors after treatment. And Luo webmaster suggested that consumers had better choose E1 grade plates when choosing

tips: Ten precautions for purchasing furniture

1 Choose a reputable furniture city

2. Choose well-known brand furniture with environmental protection and quality assurance

3. Solid wood furniture is relatively environmentally friendly, but the price is high

4. The formaldehyde emission of wood-based panel furniture is the highest, and it is not suitable to choose wood-based panel furniture for children's room furniture

5. Modeling sofa and leather sofa are relatively polluted, including formaldehyde and TVOC

6. Children's room furniture should not be too bright, and heavy metal pollution is relatively high

7. The decorative surface of furniture is usually dominated by paint. Pay attention to benzene and TVOC pollution, and don't be too credulous about the publicity of furniture sellers. Because of the high price of water-based paint, ordinary furniture is rarely used

8. The surface of some furniture is melamine, which will also release toluene and TVOC

9. After entering the house, pay attention to opening windows for ventilation. Don't rush to check in. If there is still a large pungent smell after a month, it's best to carry out indoor air detection to see whether the furniture causes indoor environmental pollution

10. If there is a pollution problem in the furniture, we should first consult with the furniture manufacturer, and inform the furniture city where the furniture is purchased, and ask their quality control department to participate in the coordination and solution




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