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In order to promote the work progress of Shanghai Construction Expo and Guangzhou customized Home Furnishing Exhibition and ensure the smooth progress of all works of the exhibition, on March 13, 2018, the "smart win future | dewell 2018 double city double exhibition launch conference" was grandly held in Guangzhou, and chairman Yin Weihong and staff of relevant departments attended the meeting

the two cities appeared together, which was the first major battle of Deville in the year of "Surpassing" in 2018. Mr. Yin first set the tone for the work of the two cities and two exhibitions, and made good wishes. Exciting data made the team morale of the upcoming exhibition high

director Yin's speech

president Weng of the marketing center delivered a speech

president Li of the brand center explained the highlights of the double exhibition in detail

president Zou of the Investment Promotion Department announced the exhibition incentive policy

manager Chen of the marketing department arranged the division of labor of exhibitors

details determine success or failure. The work of each node can't be wrong. The tense atmosphere quietly spread to the whole venue, but it made every Deville silently firm their determination to present the March exhibition perfectly. In the afternoon of the kick-off meeting, three targeted training sessions were also arranged to enable the participating customers to get the best reception experience

Teacher Wang talks about team cohesion

president Li of the brand center explains in detail the technology empowerment, and Mr. Lubo of the new retail training department of Deville does the 2018 new product training

this exhibition is not only a product display, but also a sword trip of the comprehensive strength of Deville brand. This year, Deville launched four new series of customized furniture products for the whole house, as well as integral cabinets and bedding products. In major transportation hubs, Deville spent a lot of money on advertising. In Shanghai and Guangzhou, where every inch of land is worth every inch of money, de Ville has arranged a large exhibition hall with a superior location for this double city exhibition, with a new design and strive to be perfect

advertisement of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

on site advertisement of the exhibition

continuing the excellence of last year, Deville will continue to display ar Augmented Reality +vr virtual reality app. With the landing of vr2.0 enhanced version in terminal stores, it will better provide consumers with a WYSIWYG home decoration experience. In addition, the "new retail" business model newly created by Deville in 2018 will be based on the Internet, through the use of big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technical means to upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales process of goods, so as to reshape the business structure and ecosystem, and conduct in-depth financial contracts for online services, offline experience and modern logistics, a new business model, the application of new technology, Deville will become a model of "new retail" in the whole house customization industry

the double exhibitions in Shanghai and Guangzhou are about to begin, and Deville is ready to customize more wonderful contents for the whole house of Deville, Please pay attention to:

2018 China Construction Expo Shanghai

time: March 21 - March 23

address: Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center

booth No.: 3.1a201 booth

China Guangzhou customized Home Furnishing Exhibition

time: March 28 - March 30

address: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo

booth No.: 2e03 booth




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