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Bathroom accessories are often ignored by people because of their small size, which is not easy to attract people's attention, but you know. Often these things that are easy to be ignored hide a huge role, which is also an indispensable product in life

towel hooks are familiar. You can see them in the bathroom or behind the wall door. The weight that a hook can carry is also very important. It can provide a lot of convenience for people's life

bathroom accessories towel hook

ibb Bonomi is a family business that produces toilet and household decorative parts. The company adopts the most advanced technology, machinery and equipment, and employs skilled technicians to continuously improve the standards and quality of products

we provide ingenious designs with our own brands, export products to the global market according to customers' needs, and produce OFM products for well-known bathroom product manufacturers

bathroom rack single dish

bathroom accessories hand washing bottle

the company was founded in 1974 and warmly celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014

ibb produces metal bathroom products, kitchen supplies and household accessories

ibb spa is committed to creating the highest quality products with a complete professional department, and starting with the initial design, it completes the processing procedure of the products through the production and manufacturing of the whole product in Italy

bathroom accessories towel rack

these accessories are believed to be seen at home, even used every day. But are you sure you've noticed it




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