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Wager wardrobe caused a sensation in the city's large-scale linkage activity - "Dongguan three presidents Hexiang board signing benefits" made a brilliant debut in Dongguan Huatong City Hotel

the large-scale linkage activity of Woge wardrobe, which caused a sensation in the whole city -- "signing benefits of Hexiang board, the third president of Dongguan", made a brilliant debut in Dongguan Huatong City Hotel! The Dongguan signing ceremony attracted the attention of the general public in Dongguan. The strong momentum, the ensuing flow of people, and the hot scene made the whole venue instantly lively

lively sign in scene

hot activity scene

three presidents help the battle

three presidents help the battle in person

choose VOG to embrace health

VOG wardrobe Dongguan Hexiang board signing meeting was successfully completed and achieved great success. Thank VOG team and all elite families who worked hard for the event, thank the participation and trust of our customers and friends, and thank Wanhua board industry for their friendly cooperation

lecturer Wanhua on-site explanation

elite team sincere service

wager wardrobe and Wanhua Hexiang board jointly sign for benefits, which not only allows customers to enjoy huge benefits, but also brings you and your family a healthier home life. A trustworthy brand, Vogel always adheres to the integrity enterprise with "creating value for customers" as the core, and a group of responsible and executive teams will always be your family's heartfelt guardian of home health and environmental protection

careful and considerate service

products that can stand the test

the explosive price caused everyone to rejoice. Customer friends rushed to the cashier to rush for orders and payment. There was a long queue on the scene. The payment lasted for many hours, and the on-site staff were simply overwhelmed

a long line of cash registers

Haoli Duoduo good luck

smashing golden eggs, eggs are polite

many live programs, such as drawing big prizes, smashing golden eggs, and winning Haoli, are staged one after another, bringing Haoli home and good luck. The most eye-catching thing on the scene is rows of glittering golden eggs, winning 100% of the prize, and 100% of the free gift

rich prizes to take home

in the future, Vogel home will continue to be committed to providing consumers with the most healthy, comfortable, fashionable and high-grade high-end products, ensuring that the products are the best in every link from research and development, design, production, sales to after-sales service, and ensuring that every product is the best quality. In the future, Vogel home grand feast will be staged continuously all over the country. Please look forward to more highlights

sign for Huida group photo

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