The eighth possibility of balcony decoration

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We all know that creative design in space will always surprise us, and balcony decoration is no exception. Different homes have different balconies. Some people like to use the balcony as a space for drying clothes, and some people like to dress the balcony in a casual and comfortable way. The key is how you choose

facing the empty balcony, do you also have thoughts in your mind: you want to decorate your balcony into a garden, you also want to decorate your balcony into a vegetable garden, and you also want an all-round leisure table and stool

you can't have both fish and bear's paw, especially in balcony decoration. You can't be greedy for more and everything. Only by making appropriate choices can you create a space that can best satisfy yourself

if you also have questions about decorating the balcony and don't know which one to choose, let's analyze and appreciate a variety of balcony design forms one by one today

the space with heart is the best, and the space with heart is also the most attractive

let's first look at the first possibility of the balcony:

the first possibility of the balcony: a comfortable and leisure corner

the comfortable balcony design is most suitable for killing your own time with a book and a cup of coffee in a lazy afternoon

a comfortable balcony does not need complex decoration. According to your own preferences, a comfortable chair can meet your needs

if you want to sit on the ground, you must prepare a lazy sofa that is easy to use and soft. Only in this way can you live up to your good mood

lie or sit so that your heart can be extremely relaxed in silence. It's very beautiful to think about it

the second possibility of Balcony: balcony restaurant

one table and one stool is enough to make you think of the balcony as a small restaurant. It is also a very wonderful thing to enjoy delicious food in the cool wind with a wide view

this is totally different from dining in an indoor restaurant. You can try it

if you want to design a small bar on the balcony, a mini restaurant will come into being

it's also a super beautiful thing to have a glass of wine here with friends

the third possibility of Balcony: balcony small study

if you dream of a study, but there is not enough space at home, then the balcony is a good idea

such a semi private design can also make your work or study more attentive

the working area on the balcony doesn't need to be very complex. Setting a main basic tone with the overall tone can make the balcony change into a new vitality

the fourth possibility of Balcony: balcony Mini living room

when the balcony turns into a mini living room, everything becomes different. Thanks to sufficient light, such a living room will make people feel more relaxed and happy

it is also a supreme enjoyment to talk in this small mini living room when friends visit

fifth possibility of Balcony: balcony greenhouse

friends who like flowers and plants can also build the balcony into a world of flowers and plants. The creation of a greenhouse is actually simple. A flower rack plus a few pots of favorite flowers is OK

does such a scene look beautiful? My favorite flowers and Wang Xingren make the balcony full of vitality

the sixth possibility of Balcony: balcony small fish pond

friends who like fish can also build the balcony into a small fish pond, but waterproof work must be done well during construction

a few hills and plants make this small fish pond unique

seventh possibility of Balcony: super practical storage area

if you always want a clothes rack and can't, then you can consider the closed balcony

there is also a design of the storage balcony, which takes laundry as the main function. Designing some storage cabinets will also make home life more convenient

the eighth possibility of Balcony: balcony garden

from a more pragmatic point of view, putting some dishes on the balcony may make you more practical, because you can finally eat your own home's reassuring dishes

strawberries and vegetables grow lush, and I feel a sense of achievement from time to time ~

summary: after reading so many suggestions on balcony decoration, which one do you prefer





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