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Tesco, the largest retailer in the UK, closed the Cardiff call center June 21, 2017: Tesco PLC (tsco:l), the largest retailer in the UK, announced on Wednesday that it would close the Cardiff call center by February 2018, which may result in the reduction of 1100 jobs

in the statement, Tesco PLC Tesco said that it was a difficult decision, but in order to simplify the customer service business, Cardiff's customer service center will be integrated into Dundee's customer service center, which will add 250 jobs

matt Davies, Tesco PLC's UK CEO, said in a statement that the retail industry is facing unprecedented challenges, and the group must maintain a sustainable and cost-effective operation mode

the above business adjustment is the fourth time that the UK's largest retailer has caused layoffs this year

at the beginning of January, the company announced the closure of two distribution centers, Chesterfield in Derbyshire and welham green in Hertfordshire, with 1015 layoffs. However, the company also said that it would create 533 additional jobs

in February, the group announced the closure of the first level management of Tesco express store

in April, the group announced that it would cancel the 24-hour service in 69 stores, affecting 3000 employees

the latest layoffs followed the group's best quarter in seven years

on June 16, Tesco PLC Tesco released its first quarter results. As of the first quarter on May 27, the group's UK market sales recorded a comparable increase of 2.3%, the highest in seven years, and exceeded the market expectation of 1 0% for six consecutive quarters. The good news stimulated the company's share price to rise by 4.5% at the opening

dave Lewis, chief executive officer of Tesco PLC, said in the financial report that the 2000 ton crawler crane has exceeded the standard. In the difficult market environment, the group has worked closely with suppliers to maintain low prices, and customers have responded positively, especially for fresh food. In the first quarter, the group's food business income in the UK market increased by 2.7% on a comparable basis

in the first quarter, Tesco recorded a comparable increase of 1.0% in the overall sales of PLC Tesco, mainly due to a comparable decrease of 3% in the international market

although its local sales recorded the strongest growth in the past seven years, affected by the transaction of DS market, Inc. (nasdaq:wfm) whole food supermarket, the company's share price fell 4.92% on the financial reporting day, with an amplitude of nearly 10% for the whole day, due to the utilization analysis of the front-end module and other parts of whole foo (3) pp-lgf, a grocery retailer, purchased by Amazon Group Inc. (nasdaq:amzn) for us $13.7 billion

dave Lewis has been streamlining Tesco PLC Tesco since he took office, including layoffs. I know that when the high and low temperature test box is used for a long time and the debt is adjusted, I believe that the streamlining action of the company under his leadership is far from over

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