Terms related to plate making process before the m

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Terms related to prepress plate making process (IX)

contact plus contact screening original or continuous color adjustment and separation film, contact screen and photographic film

electronic plus electthe corresponding structure of the single arm type is the gate structure. The process of adding the original on the electronic color separation machine through the point generator is also called laser plus

3. Then turn the hand wheel to describe

to restore the point image to a continuous tone image


an additive tool for decomposing continuous tone images into printable and reproducible pixels (dots and holes)

contact screen

the "glue" screen that is in close contact with photosensitive materials during overtime

point halfton can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time to produce e dot/screen dot

pixels constituting point images, and reproduce the original shading effect through the change of area or ink volume

point shape screen dot shape

the geometric form of points, including square, circular, chain and line shapes

line angle screen angle

the included angle between the center line of the point and the horizontal line

pixel picture element

constitutes the basic unit of the image. Through image decomposition, the continuous tone effect is reproduced by the comparison between the image unit and the blank

halftone positive

a positive negative that uses the point size to show the intensity of the picture image

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