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PVC market trend in Central China

the market in Central China is slowly affected by the markets in East and South China. As medium and low-grade products account for the main ingredients, the PVC market in Central China is mainly sold by calcium carbide method, and the market share of domestic large-scale products with control accuracy of 0.5% brand PVC is lower

from last week to these two days, the PVC market in Central China fell by yuan/t. During the price rise period, the highest price in Central China was only yuan/t, and beyond this price, the market was basically unsalable

at present, the market price of calcium carbide PVC in Central China is RMB yuan/T, the maximum value is the peak T, and the lowest price is 5350 yuan/T. The quotation of PVC from large domestic manufacturers is yuan/t, and the transaction price is 5600 yuan/t. Due to the high ex factory price, some large manufacturers are temporarily unable to enter the central China market

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