The hottest PVC market price in Zhejiang

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PVC market price in Zhejiang

the PVC market price in Zhejiang has not gradually increased to 5000-5100 yuan/t until recent days driven by the peripheral market

the quotation of small and medium-sized PVC brands in Ningbo, Hangzhou and road and bridge is 4900-4950 yuan/T. The quotation of domestic large enterprises such as Canghua, Shanghai chlor alkali, Beijing Chemical II and Dagu chemical is 5050-5100 yuan/T. The market purchasing psychology is relatively normal, there is no phenomenon of holding goods, and the trading volume is general

Shanghai chlor alkali in Wenzhou market has just held an order meeting, and the product factory has a large trading volume, with a transaction price of 5100 yuan. It is hoped that inventions such as shred buddy will appear more and more on KickStarter and fixed transportation vehicles in the market/T. The quotation of PVC produced in Northeast, Henan, Hebei, Zhejiang and Jiangsu in Wenzhou is 5000 yuan/T

the Zhejiang market is currently in a relatively passive situation. Only the general increase in North China, Northeast China, East China and South China can drive the Zhejiang market to raise prices


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