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Semiconductor capacity launch drives the equipment and materials industry to welcome the golden development period

"driven by new demand, domestic semiconductor equipment (Manufacturing) is entering the golden development period." On September 26, zhaojinrong, President of North China Huachuang, said at the 2017 China integrated circuit industry development seminar and the 12th China integrated circuit manufacturing annual conference, which opened in Nanjing. According to statistics, by 2020, more than 40% of the global planned new wafer factory projects will be located in China, bringing huge investment opportunities

mobile Internet has prompted the continuous growth of the chip market. The upsurge of new wafer factories is bringing new opportunities to semiconductor equipment manufacturers, especially domestic manufacturers, which determine the size of fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation. According to the data, the investment needed to build a new state-of-the-art 12 inch wafer production line with an annual output of 50000 chips is 45billion yuan, of which the equipment investment accounts for more than 75%, promoting the transformation of traditional industries in Hejin region to high-tech. According to statistics, by 2020, the world will build 62 wafer factories, of which 26 will be located in China, accounting for as much as 42%, which brings opportunities to domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturers

"by 2020, the market scale of chip front-end equipment alone will reach US $30billion to US $40billion." Yinzhiyao, chairman and CEO of China micro semiconductor, predicts that the etching and chemical film equipment engaged by China micro semiconductor will have a good market prospect. "According to our statistics, from 2016 to 2020, the total investment in China was US $99.8 billion, and the investment in semiconductor equipment was US $74.8 billion. Among them, the investment in plasma etching equipment was about US $13.47 billion, and the etching machines of medium and micro enterprises can share a considerable share."

according to Zhao Jinrong, the semiconductor equipment of northern Huachuang includes 14 nanometer logic process equipment solutions, 8/12 inch advanced packaging process equipment solutions, 6/8 inch MEMS/compound semiconductor process equipment solutions that will be transformed into higher value products. Among them, the 14 nm hardmask PVD (hard mask physical vapor deposition) equipment independently developed by northern Huachuang has successfully entered the international mainstream integrated circuit production line for verification, "said Xiao Yaqing. This is another kind of 14 nm IC equipment entering the process verification stage after northern Huachuang's 14 nm etcher and monolithic annealing equipment. In addition, North China Huachuang has become the largest manufacturer of photovoltaic and LED equipment in China, and continues to receive large orders

it should be emphasized that semiconductor equipment is a highly concentrated industry, and only the best companies have the opportunity to make profits. "In the equipment industry, only entering the top three or even the top two of the industry can be considered successful. What northern Huachuang can do is to continue research and development, improve quality and improve service." Zhao Jinrong said

"market opportunities + government support, new demands for new plants and mature process plants provide a rare opportunity for domestic equipment to enter the market." Industry insiders commented

correspondingly, China's semiconductor material market has a huge space. "Our company is committed to the research and development of high-end solder balls for packaging. The rapid development of the domestic semiconductor industry has made us full of confidence in the material market." Participants from Shanghai xinhuajin Welding Material Technology Co., Ltd. told

with the development of semiconductor technology, the importance of material technology has become more prominent. In particular, mobile Internet devices need more and more chips. At the same time, the big data-driven storage market is growing, the display market is also expanding, and new markets such as vr/ar and smart cars are expanding. The demand of these end markets has prompted the continuous development of new technologies such as 10-7 nm advanced processes, 3D, OLED, and materials are the key to the realization of these new technologies

among A-share companies, Shanghai Xinyang is the leader of domestic wafer level chemicals, and electroplating solutions and other products are the first to break foreign monopolies. The company also participates in the 300 mm large silicon wafer project and layout photoresist. The metal sputtering target of Jiangfeng electronics has grown rapidly and has been supplied in batches at the 16 nanotechnology node

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