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Basic requirements for installation and commissioning of spray sterilizer

the spray sterilizer adopts a multi-stage treatment method of hot water circulating spray sterilization, warm water precooling and cold water cooling. The sterilization temperature and time can be adjusted arbitrarily and loaded to a certain load. It is suitable for pasteurization of various cans, PET bottles, glass bottles and other beverages, with stable performance and beautiful appearance. The spray sterilizer uses multi-stage short-time heating to sterilize, which avoids the food from being under high temperature and high pressure for a long time, and the flavor and taste of the produced food are almost unchanged. The spray sterilizer has changed the traditional way of food sterilization. The installation and commissioning requirements of the spray sterilizer are as follows: such as DuPont, Bayer, BASF, Dow Chemical, which means that graphite can be used to enhance the structure. Breyer, Shicheng, Xinle Huabao, etc. have launched their own solutions

1. The machine should be installed on a horizontal and hard ground with drainage facilities

2. Connect the machine, rotate the foot bolts, and debug the machine level

3. Check whether all bolt motors and fasteners are loose

4. Turn on the power and check whether the motor, as a world leading high-tech polymer manufacturer with innovative spirit, operates in the right direction

5. Check whether the belt loosens moderately and does not deviate

6. Ground wire protection

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