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From the bottom up, front-line employees stand out in six ways

"there is Bole in the world, and then there is Qianlima. Qianlima often exists, but Bole does not often exist." Han Yu's article "Ma Shuo" in the Tang Dynasty expressed the aspirations of many front-line employees, and made many market heroes share their hearts! In fact, if you want to stand out from the front line, there are still rules to be found, otherwise there will not be a large number of middle and senior managers rising rapidly from the front line in the market. The following is a summary of my daily conversation with many friends in the market after dinner. After summarizing the successful experience of many marketing managers and friends, I summed up six shortcuts for front-line colleagues who are eager for early success and have the internal causes of success to learn from

method 1: go to the market where performance is easy

method 2: let market friends do publicity for themselves

method 3: carefully prepare every important meeting speech

method 4: seize every minute with senior leaders

method 5: show your talent in the media

method 6: establish a "good teacher tea and rice circle" in life

in fact, the above six methods are all well-known personal career improvement strategies that are often summarized and analyzed by us. I haven't been in business for a long time, but after going through several well-known companies, I have deeply understood these six iron rules, also in order to make later friends with the same front less detours, conspire to quickly rise, and have a little thought together. I specially spent one night in combination with the facts around me, sorting it out, and listing some of my views, The following are the reasons for the success of these six methods and some successful cases:

one of the methods: go to a market that is easy to achieve results

success mechanism: choosing a market that is easy to achieve results can make you a shining star in the company in a very short time. The markets that are easy to achieve results can generally be summarized as follows: first, the new markets that have not been developed, including the markets that the company has not developed and is not prepared to develop; Second, it has obvious development potential. Someone once went to explore and accumulate a certain market foundation, but did not succeed in time, which is regarded as a failed market. These two markets have certain risks, but the greater the risk, the greater the return. The company generally gives certain early-stage policy support for the development of such markets, so once the three elements of policy support, personal ability and market opportunity are combined in place, you will not have a long time to excel

successful case: a prefecture level city in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong is famous for its unique consumption structure and complex management environment. The panda mobile (PMC) I was engaged in at that time once sent specialists to develop for two consecutive years, but all of them failed. Later, a colleague from Chaoshan who had just arrived at the company volunteered. After winning the support of relevant headquarters policies, he went into the city alone and employed local employees. He changed the previous idea of being a core urban area first and then a peripheral County, avoided various blockages of leading brands in important channels such as the city's business district, and made bold attempts in marketing means and strategies. Finally, the whole market of the prefecture level city was launched at one fell swoop, and Guangzhou, the provincial capital, was killed back along the Pearl River Delta. In one year, the market performance was changed from the third lowest in Guangdong to the second highest in the country. In the third month, my colleague from Chaoshan was directly appointed as the manager of Guangzhou region by the regional manager. After the Spring Festival this year, he became the manager of Guangdong Sales Department of the group company with annual sales of more than billions of yuan, and this year he was only in his early 30s

method 2: let market friends do publicity for themselves

success mechanism: excellent marketing work is not only reflected in sales volume, but also in the meticulous service and coordination process for customers, dealers, terminals, government departments and even competitors. The good reputation established by front-line marketing personnel among these market friends through their own actions will sooner or later reach the ears of the company's top management. Through what these people say, company leaders generally pay more attention to it. It is the so-called "peaches and plums speak for themselves, and the next is a strange thing"

success story: I once attended a VIP customer appreciation meeting when I worked in an enterprise to avoid people entering the experimental site by mistake. At that time, a retailer talked about purchasing products directly from a sales representative of our company, which attracted the attention of all senior leaders, because the company's system stipulates that employees who do not involve cash receipts and payments and logistics distribution functions cannot engage in direct sales to retailers, but must sell through distributors and terminals. But after listening, I found that I had wronged the local sales representative. It turned out that the retailer's retail store was located in a relatively remote Township, where there was no large-scale official licensed store nearby, and the distributors in the city were unwilling to distribute goods for her alone. As a result, she called the company's local office for help. Without saying a word, the sales representative went to the agent to borrow a full range of models, transferred three times by car, took a boat, and walked 2 kilometers to her retail store. He also patiently guided her to display and use the functions of all models. Later, after the retailer's publicity, the retailers in the whole Township knew about this matter. Five more retailers bought the company's full range of products, which comprehensively improved our overall OTC listing rate and terminal actual sales in the region. After the thank-you meeting, the company's leaders immediately assigned special personnel to investigate the matter, and it was found that the local dealers and terminal salespersons had high comments on the front-line staff. We can guess what happened next: he was immediately arranged to participate in the company's reserve manager training, and soon was appointed as the regional manager of the four regions outside Guangzhou

method 3: carefully prepare every important meeting speech

success mechanism: for front-line marketing personnel, some important meetings of the company are the best stage to show themselves. These meetings include staff training summary meetings, monthly or quarterly market meetings, on-site office meetings of company leaders, market observation meetings, year-end commendation meetings, etc. The person in charge of the company's senior management or professional department is usually present at the meeting. My personal experience is that the top management of the company is more willing to listen to the voices from the front line of the market, so once the marketing personnel have the opportunity to participate in such a meeting, they must not miss every opportunity to speak. Your speech at the meeting actually reflects your thinking ability and understanding of market work. Through sufficient market research and data preparation before the meeting, especially the sorting and mining of data, you can calmly talk about the alloy wear-resistant washing corrosion strength tester in the form of sliding friction at the meeting from the front-line point of view. At this time, the boss is listening to your report and calculating your next development space in his mind

success story: when I was in Panda Mobile, I met an office director from Hubei, Ma Qiang. He gave people a deep impression that he was very diligent in taking notes and sorting out those data-based sales information. He kept records every day and looked through them every day. At that time, I also laughed at his old-fashioned attitude, but I didn't expect that after his meticulous point-to-point management, he had created a great legend, Finally completed the sales task of the regional office director in the current month. When the company's management meeting at the end of the month made an exception to allow him to participate in the quarterly meeting. When he made a speech with a confident expression, fluent oral English, and very persuasive existence data, the eyes of every management member present suddenly lit up. Yes, his every word in the meeting had been silently recited hundreds of times in his heart. At that time, I thought, This colleague will soon come up to the management meeting on how to choose the fixture seat. Indeed, not long after the meeting, he was promoted to a manager of central Guangdong Province composed of three prefecture level markets. Every management meeting, he can hear his carefully prepared, very concise and persuasive meeting speech

method 4: seize every minute of getting along with senior leaders

success mechanism: senior managers generally have rich market experience and can simply find your highlights from your conversation. Since you think you are an excellent salesperson but haven't been found, you should seize every minute with senior leaders and fully show yourself

successful cases: this skill has been concerned by many professionals, and there are also a large number of factual cases in the world to test its correctness and high effectiveness. For example, soon after Gao Qunyao, the global vice president and President of Greater China of Autodesk took over Ms. Wu Shihong's position, he began to visit all agents. At that time, a leading-edge management manager of the company (who had no chance to contact the company's senior management at all under normal circumstances) was responsible for accompanying Mr. Gao to visit the agent she was responsible for. On the plane from Beijing to Guangzhou, she spent more than an hour fully "present herself" to let Mr. Gao know her, her working experience at IBM and HP, and her working ability. Later, with the departure of the general manager of South China, Mr. Gao first thought of the female employee. Say to her, try it, and then she began to rise step by step. She got exceptional promotion for three times in a row, and won the Bill Gates award. She was honored to have lunch with Bill Gates. Now, this female manager is the president of another famous foreign enterprise in China

method 5: show your talent in the media

success mechanism: Generally speaking, not every front-line employee has the opportunity to contact senior managers, so the idea of hoping to meet by chance is tantamount to "waiting for the hare". The positive approach should be to broaden the channels for senior leaders to find themselves. And it's a good choice to show your talent on the media that the company leaders pay attention to. There are generally two kinds of media that company leaders pay attention to. One is internal media, such as the company's own newspapers, magazines, station forums, etc; Second, external media, such as publicly issued marketing management journals, newspapers, stations and even television, etc. If you really have a deep understanding of the market and have experience in the actual operation of the company's front line, you can invest in these two types of media by classification. On the one hand, you can exercise your thinking ability, on the other hand, you can also use this platform to show your talents

success story: it is also a colleague of mine at PMC, also surnamed Guo, whose name is Guo Yongqiang. During the period of Panda Mobile, he used to be a sales promotion and patrol clerk. Later, he was reused as a market planner in the marketing department. Later, he became an office director in a secondary city. Finally, he was promoted to be a major account manager in northern Guangdong. He only had an adult college degree. When he just joined Panda Mobile four years ago, Stay in the front line of the market every day and fight with dealers and terminals. In his spare time, he buried himself in reading, and then combined with the actual market operation, he contributed to the newspapers in the company, and occasionally there were articles in the newspapers. Once, the company newspaper organized an essay competition about the after-sales service discussion. He summarized some of his usual experiences in work, and then used some of them from Philip. Kotler analyzed the marketing theory learned in his book "marketing management", wrote an article and threw it in. At that time, there were more than 500 entries from the headquarters of Guangdong branch and local markets, and the winners were selected

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