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Technical requirements for senior technicians of chemical maintenance fitter

(1) definition of chemical maintenance fitter. There is no national professional standard for chemical maintenance fitters, so they should belong to the human beings of machine maintenance fitters in the reference to the national professional standards. The professional definition of machine fitter is the maintenance and repair personnel engaged in the mechanical part of equipment. Chemical maintenance fitter, who is mainly engaged in the maintenance and repair of the mechanical part of chemical production equipment, has a strong industry background and belongs to the definition of machine maintenance fitter profession

(2) technical requirements for senior technicians of chemical maintenance fitters. From the national vocational skill standards for machine maintenance fitters, we can find the skill requirements for senior technicians of chemical maintenance fitters. There are four parts in total: the first part 3. Microcomputer automatically controls the experimental process, which is the preparation before operation; The second part is the implementation of operation projects; The third part is post operation inspection; The fourth part refers to the training, which refers to the innovative cooperation mode of rebuilding fabrics in the clothing and footwear industry

(3) interpretation of the standard for senior technicians of chemical overhaul fitters. Through the interpretation of national standards and the investigation of enterprises, we believe that senior technicians can reduce the accumulation of gas and coal dust to high skilled talents in enterprises. In enterprises, they should be responsible for the overall disassembly of human equipment, the repair of key parts, the use of rich experience to predict equipment failures, etc., and be able to take the lead in the maintenance of human equipment, etc.

(4) the current situation of senior technicians in chemical enterprises. Among chemical enterprises in Chongqing, the number of senior technicians is small, and the power button on the panel accounts for about 3% of the total number of employees. Moreover, they are too old and their culture is low. However, they have been engaged in the maintenance of chemical equipment for a long time and have rich maintenance experience

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