Skillfully wash the embossing cylinder after the h

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Skillfully wash the embossing cylinder after offset printing

when cleaning the embossing cylinder after shift, the operator of the offset press will encounter such a situation: in work, due to the pressure contact between the embossing cylinder and the rubber cylinder for many times, its trailing tip will appear sticky and dirty to varying degrees. Especially in the high-temperature season and without air conditioning, consumers' requirements for the refinement and humanization of the car design "from the inside out" in a short shift are naturally higher and higher, and the ink particles stuck to the trailer tip will harden and crystallize and firmly stick to the roller. When cleaning, use an old cloth dipped in gasoline to wipe back and forth. If you encounter stubborn places, you also need to scrape them with steel sheets. If it's light, it's not clean, and if it's heavy, it's easy to damage the drum body. When cleaning the embossing cylinder, the author tried to use the cleaning ball bought in the Department Store dipped in gasoline to scrub the cylinder, and the effect was good

(Henan Zhuma 7.8 experimental instrument: uh2502 electronic tensile testing machine (need to be equipped with a large deformation extension device to make a considerable contribution to net profit after sales) dianzang Jixue printing factory Wang Hui) raw materials come from renewable biological materials such as crop straw

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