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What is the difference between SKG cervical massage instrument 4098 and 4356? Which is better?

skg cervical vertebra massage instrument 4098 and 4356 are mainly different. First, the time of launch and the type of color are different. 4356 is newly launched, with two colors, and 4098 has only one color; The functions are the same. This 4356 is lighter and softer I also use this one myself. I feel comfortable. It can heat up super good. It's good to use

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skg cervical vertebra massage instrument 4356 more user comments "for friends in need of reference

skg cervical vertebra massage instrument 4098 tmall quotation comments" I hope it can help you compare

skg cervical massage instrument 4356

skg cervical massage instrument 4098

II. SKG cervical vertebrae according to the experiment of Ford company, the quotation and comment comparison of friction instrument 4098 and 4356:

1. SKG cervical vertebrae massage instrument 4098

reference price: ¥ 499.00

user comments: try it on, the range of massage can be adjusted at any time, which is very convenient. The higher the gear is, the greater the range of massage is, and it can be adjusted according to your own needs. The appearance is white, Simple and generous, small size, and easy to carry

2. SKG cervical massage instrument 4356

reference price: ¥ 459.00

user comments: after receiving it, I used it. I didn't try 15 gears, and I used 13 gears at the highest. It was slightly stimulating, and the overall pulling effect was OK. After using it, I was a little relaxed. I didn't dare to buy other brands too cheap, so I bought SKG, which was OK.

third, summary:

skg cervical massage instrument 4098 and 4356, in general, the difference is not many, The main reason is that the time of launch and appearance are different. This 4356 is new. It is lighter and feels better. 10. All parts of the experimental machine should always be kept clean and feel softer. 7.1 inspection classification is softer More popular models of tmall

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